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I Must Not Be As Big An SNK Fan As I Thought

posted by RBCurran (HARLINGEN, TX) May 26, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

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I don't know who half of these characters are. It was nice to see some old favorites (well, Mai and Terry at least), and it's cool to have characters from Metal Slug, World Heroes, and Samurai Showdown to mix it up with the King of Fighters mainstays. The characters I was ignorant of at least play well and look cool, and this is a perfectly solid fighter, sharing a lot in common with Marvel vs. Capcom games when they were two on two matches; you can tag in your partner at any time and do tandem super moves.

That said, I had my fill of it after two days. It's pretty easy to beat (well, if you use the assist on the last boss after losing), the endings are bad even for a fighter, and man, those SNK sprites are looking dated. This is another game I'm glad I got through Gamefly, as I was able to have some fun with it for a couple days over the weekend and send it back as opposed to having it out for a week.

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Somehwhat entertaining.

posted by Shadow82 (BROOKLYN, NY) Jul 9, 2008

Member since Jul 2006

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O.K, to start this review, I am going to list the cons of this game.
First, this game could have done without its cheap characters. An example of this is the character, Mizuchi. Mizuchi is just frustrating to beat in Arcade and Tag Play mode. If you are a beginner, and set the difficultly to the lowest setting, Mizuchi can still kill you.
Second, the game is repetitive. The fun deteriorates after you play through Survival Challenge, Arcade Mode, and Tag Play several times.
Third, is not being able to play with just one character. Of course, some people like that and some people don't. So you can kind of balance this between a pro and a con.
O.K, now for the pros.
First, the game has a large roster of characters.
Second, is the ability to play in a tag match where you can switch characters.
Third, is the ability to edit your favorite character's colors. You can make Iori's hair brown or you can make Marco's hair red.
Overall, this game is worth renting or even buying. This game is MUCH more fun with another player, though.

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The SNK version of fighting mash-ups

posted by AvidGamer (NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA) Apr 21, 2008

Member since Oct 2006

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This game is great and really has a good fighting mash-up engine. The only downside I have found is a slow loading time to the next match. I wish it is faster.

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