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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Speed boost:

On a Drag, tap NOS instead of holding it down. This will boost your speed higher.


To listen to the music that you have encountered, go to the main menu and select "EA games Pocket Trax". Here are the song that are in movie mode: The DONOTS: "We got the noise" Soulwax: "Any Minute Now"

Car selection:

If you are having trouble figuring out which cars to use for what event, cars with high top speeds/acceleration are good for drag races; cars with good controls/handling are best for drifting; and cars with a balance of the three are good for normal racing.

Nitrous runs:

On the nitrous run levels, let off the gas through tight turns. Otherwise, you will hit the wall and flip your car.

Helpful momentum:

In the Nitrous Run Race, if your time is about two to four seconds from expiring, aim the car at the gate and use all the nitrous remaining. Even if the timer runs out, your car will keep going enough without the gas and may pass the gate. If so, the timer will start again and your nitrous tank will be refilled, allowing you to continue with the race.

Faster Corners

To Get around corners quicker dont use the brake use the e-brake just touch the e-brake and turn and u will slide around the corner and only loose about 20 mph instead of 50 mph but when u use the e-brake dont have the gas on at the same time and turn becouse most high performance cars will just snap back as soon as it starts to slide and i wount go around the corner so just stop the gas just dab on the e-brake and turn wile your turning put the gas back on.

Boss car warning:

When you are considering buying a car, do not purchase any of the cars that are used as Boss cars. If you buy one you will end up having two of the same car. Your garage can only hold 20 cars, and there are 24 cars total. The four Boss cars have their own separate garage and do not take up any of the twenty slots. You cannot get 100% completion if you buy any of the cars used as Boss cars.