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Remake of Most Wanted

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Nov 22, 2008

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I have played nearly every Need for Speed game, so ive seen some really good Need for Speed's and some not so good ones. And if you have played Most Wanted then you pretty much already know what this game is gonna be like. Its also pretty similar to Carbon besides that this one is not all nighttime playing. And this one is much appreciated from the dissapointment of ProStreet. Which was a weird take of Need for Speed since there wasnt much of anything, including no cops. One thing that was really cool about online for this game was a mode called Cops and Robers which is highly addictive. Also a bit thing i noticed in the story mode is what they said this game would be like, which is its almost like a movie. The graphics for one are like movie graphics, which you should expect. And the camera views and the cutscenes are like a movie. Overall you will pretty much expect what will happen. Everything is almost similar, but i think it is a great game and a sure bet for a Need for Speed fan.

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Weakest of the NFS series

posted by Firewalker (DIXON, CA) Nov 24, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

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I have never been so frustrated by any other of the Need For Speed modern series. I have played Underground through Carbon and I absolutely loved those games, but this Title is painful to play. I'm not going to even bash the graphics lags since so many others have done it. My main problems with the game are the Rubberband AI and Car Selling system. The Rubberband AI is awful in the game, I should not be punished because I'm good at this game. The fact that I can beat a races preset DOMINATION TIME and still place 3rd really speaks out against this. The AI turns every race into a destruction derby and will pound you into the wall with any opportunity you give it. My biggest complaint with the game is the fact that you can't sell cars that you own. I have 4 cars sitting in my garage at the time I packed the game back in the envelope to mail back that I CAN'T SELL. This is BS personally. Any car that you win or are given in the store challenges are yours and can be driven but never sold. That is unacceptable. Don't give me cars that I don't want to use and then not let me sell them to get the cars I want better. The only cars you can sell are the ones that you buy and your starting car.
I was really looking forward to this game after the disappointment with ProStreet, and it really hurts when you end up taking the disc out of your system and angrily placing it in the return envelope to send back. I'm really glad I didn't buy this game and that GameFly is here to let me play the games I want to try without spending $60 on a POS like this.


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Another frustrating need for speed

posted by Syndrome (TEMPE, AZ) Jan 5, 2009

Member since Nov 2006

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This installment of need for speed is a pretty average NFS. Its got all the problems of any of the games.

-Its got racing (it is NFS after all)
-pretty good graphics (well it is xbox 360)
-decent customization (which can now be found in any car game)
-they have a bugatti veyron
-Everything else pretty much
-The races start out fun, but after a while, all main missions seem to degrade into a calvin ball game (Where random rules are just thrown out there halfway through a mission)
-Even in the veyron, Cops seem to be able to easily catch up (to the fastest car on earth)
-If you thought there was alot of cops in most wanted, multiply that by about 5
-what to do next? doesnt matter, there is no cohesive flow to the game whatsoever.
-the menus can access anything, making traditional access convoluted.
-only 4 tiers of cars, and extremely sparse selection
-no car reset button (which other NFS's have used with great success)
-Annoying voices telling you "you wont make it" when youve got a quarter mile left and a minute on the clock (note: turn speech of in options menu)
-Replaying races allows you to see the disturbingly bad programming (although the cars are the same, the computer seems to vary heavily in the speeds it wishes to use on identical parts of identical courses, in other words, sometimes its really easy, sometimes its impossibly hard, its all in the luck)
-Traffic weighs a million tons to you, light as a feather to your opponents who smash through and recorrect quickly, while you nearly have to restart your car
-minimap is misleading and causes you to pray its correct in its leading you through a short cut (which it may or may not be)
-and a BIG one, game doesnt WORK on alot of systems without downloading it to the hard drive, if you have FREEZING issues, copy the game to the HD.

Altogether, rent it if you LOVE car games, but no matter how much you like em, you probably want to stay away from underground.

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