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Dull and tiresome

posted by drsloomis (NORTH AUGUSTA, SC) Dec 14, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

On top of being a technically glitchy entry in the NFS franchise, UNDERCOVER also seems to have been poorly thought out in terms of gameplay. UNDERCOVER's "open world" mechanic is utterly pointless given that there is apparently no benefit to exploring it beyond races. The storyline, laughably written as it is, is little more than a series of poorly done live-action cutscenes--who cares?!? Especially when there is little to no direct correlation between my in-game activity and particular scenes that are triggered.

Neither of the aforementioned problems would be deal-breakers in and of themselves, but piled on top is a lack of polish that makes suffering through pointless roaming and even more pointless cutscenes seem like an exercise in futililty. Winning races early on is ridiculously easy, while the grind of leveling up has little to no effect on gameplay (neither does tweaking car stats). In addition, technical glitches abound, including some particularly bad framerate issues.

While I've certainly enjoyed more than my fair share of NFS titles in the past, UNDERCOVER felt phoned in, like maybe everyone over at EA was just getting tired of the franchise...or maybe it's just me. Without a solid shot to the arm of the NFS property, I'm afraid underground is where it should probably stay.

Not worth a rental.

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NFS is Over

posted by Omen159 (SMITH RIVER, CA) Dec 13, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

This should have never even been made for the ps3. Horrible, looks like the game itself is in need for speed, feels like your doing about 35 mph. What ever happend to the blur effect and fast paced sterring response, this has nothin on it. I am glad I rented it first, played it for a hour and was ready to take it back. the Cops are back in this one but they are very easy to out run, Better luck next time.

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Very Good

good not great!

posted by Bosnian08 (DES MOINES, IA) Dec 10, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

So this game is good, but not great, and by no means close to what Most Wanted is. But then again, its hard to repeat something so good, without making it just a port to the ps3.
Graphics are OK, could be better but then most wanted wasn't great either, and its only their 2nd ps3 title (Carbon doesn't count because it looks the same on ps2 and ps3), for the ps2 they had like almost 4 titles and 4 years of experience with ps2 technology.
This time around quite a few cars to choose from but not enough customization options. Autosculpt gives it a nice touch but shouldn't be the only options. Rims themselves have range to keep you changing every few races.
This time around paint options have expanded and you can do front/rear bumpers, spoiler, rims or just the body itself.
The city itself is quite big, and after several races and after some roaming around, you get used to it, and it becomes really fun.
And the biggest change is the cops, they are fun, fun, and fun. Not like in carbon where they were stupid and had not chance to keep up with you. Mind you, they're not the smartest here, but that's part of the fun. And Pro Street was good, but had no cops, lame.
All in all, its not a great leap forward.
On the ps1, it was NFS 3 Hot Pursuit and 4 High Stakes, that made the series good and enjoyable.
On the ps2, it was Hot Pursuit 2, that took it to a whole new level, and Underground added a layer of coolness to the cars they didn't have.
Then Most Wanted came out and combined both and made NFS the best racing game, outside of simulations that the GT series is.
Now Undercover is trying to improve, but has ways to go, I'm hoping that the next one, will outdo them both (most wanted and undercover).
Here's hoping that EA does something right in the near future and comes out with one that comes out alongside GT5 and actually competes with it in sales, but GT5 is going to blow them all away.
But I ramble on,
Enjoy the game for what it is, Good Old driving fun.

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