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NFS Fails to take the series forward with this one

posted by RouterGuy (CEDAR PARK, TX) Nov 22, 2008

Member since Aug 2005

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I am a huge Need for Speed fan, and I will start by saying that I am disappointed again. I was expecting to have a deep story and an open world which I could drive through. Was I wrong!

The racing of this game has the look and feel of the past NFS games. If you like the games in this series you will fit comfortably into this new game.

The sound of the cars is great, and the differences in driving between cars is done well.

BAD: There is a lot to list here
- The story. While the story line has potential the cut scenes are horrible. Often a small blurb that could easily be done without, or the same scene over and over with different people. The game fails to draw you into the story.
- The open world is not used. There is no reason to drive around in the world that was created. The game was poised to be an open world game exp like Burnout. However, you can't even drive around to find races or shops; you just hit a button or choose the events from the map.
- Playability - this is by far the easiest racing game on the market. I could not believe it when I smoked a Lambo with a stock Audi TT. There is no way that this should happen. I looked for a way to increase the difficulty, but there was no option.

- If you are a fan of the NFS series then check this title out, but rent before you buy. I think that you will be disappointed.
- If you are new to the racing genre and looking for a great first game, then pass this up and go get a copy of Burnout instead. This is what an open world should play like.

I'll play this all the way through and then return the game, and hope that the next installment is much better than this effort.

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What happened to the NFS we know and love?

posted by RACECRAZY (PORTLAND, OR) Nov 25, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I have been a huge NFS fan from the beginning. I'm also a huge racing game fan (that's pretty much the only type of game that I play). The NFS series blew me away at how the Undergrounds, Most Wanted and Carbon gave a true sense of speed with about the most realistic handling for an arcade racer. I'm even a Pro-street fan when it comes to the way the cars felt and handled but Undercover doesn't even come close to those games in most areas.

The Good:

- Great engine and SFX sounds
- Fun new moves like easy reverse 180 etc.
- Challenging but not unbeatable AI when you get further into the game.
- Some fun new missions like taking down other drivers, protecting a fellow driver, delivering stolen cars etc.
- Great imagination on shortcuts, jumps and suprising turns and obstructions.
- The cars look great with the exception of customization options and damage is better than Pro-Street.

The Bad:

- For the most part, terrible handling of the cars.
- It actually hurts your eyes to play when you're going fast because of frame rate issues, lighting, shadows etc.
- No adventure in free roam except for being chased by the cops.
- Weak customization
- Cut scenes are real but cheesy
- If another driver hits you and pushes you it's hard to get away which puts you way behind in a race.
- The music is terrible and annoying
- Overall unrealistic street racing scene.
- What's up with no racing/driving at night?

I've never stopped playing a big name title racing game for any reason other than not wanting to deal with the frustration of trying to beat it towards the end but I'm at about 60% with this one and not interested in playing it anymore. I'm an optimist and try to stay interested in a game by looking at the good in it but there is just too much bad.

I'm not giving up on NFS yet but as the saying goes "Three strikes your out!"

Try Midnight Club LA! Played twice through, still lovin it!

See IGN's accurate video reviews on both games.

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never again

posted by defected (GREENVILLE, NC) Nov 22, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

After pro street I almost had it with the NFS franchise,I felt the new NfS would save the day but was I wrong. This "NFs undercover" was the worst NFS Ive ever played since the first and the word worst is an understatement. As I progressed 5 mins into the game,issues entered in like poor frame-rates, Sounds, screen tearing, and lag just to name a few problems. Its hard for me to review the actual storyline since I just put the game in the mailbox after 30 mins of game time. I can say I went online just to see if there was any hope for this game but only to find more of the same issues! so be warned the development of this game was poorly constructed and may cause sadness. So to say it best Good goodbye NFS "Never Again

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