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EA Continues to Go Downhill...

posted by Tomboy99 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Nov 22, 2008

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Well, here we are... another 'Need For Speed' game. I used to look so forward to these. Since the weakness of 'Most Wanted' I havent been as ecstatic about these. This is one is a huge step down. This one's programmers make Forrest Gump look smart!


The Downsides:

1. No more live-action cutscenes. Its computer animation. Though the animation is better than GTA, I really liked the live-action ones from the last two.

2. No traffic when I am racing. Its not street-racing with no traffic!

3. Very few (and I mean very very very few) good vinyls to put on the the car. (I miss those splash vinyls from 'Underground 2')

4. The new controls are awful. I liked using the right analog stick as the gas/brake. It was easier on my thumbs.

5. Boring. I'm going back to U2 now.


The Upsides:

1. Beautiful graphics.

2. Beautiful computer animation (though I prefer the live-action).


E.A. .... Wake up !!!!
Stop being so lazy and go back to your old N.F.S. games for reference!!

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Game was fairly good but had its kinks...

posted by GeneralChris18 (BROKEN ARROW, OK) Feb 14, 2012

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To start off I appolagize for any spelling errors I make, try to figure out what Im meaning. When you first start off Im not sure if its just deppending on what car you pick but the game forces you to drift and drifting in this game is kinda hard, you can upgrade the tires to not drift hardly as much but once you unlock that last available cars you cant upgrade those. The story is not well done, its good but its just told badly. Two of the race modes are confusing, highway duel (Where you have to race on a set track and you and a npc has to outrun each other) and I cant remember the name of it but its where the npc follows you and you try to get away from them, you can drive where where ever you want but in both it has catch up on, so you have to take a quick turn and make the npc get stuck or go the wrong way (Which is hard but possible) but once your almost out of time thats when catch up is turned off. In some of them there was 8 mins to lose them. The choice of cars were pretty good, sounded and look awesome. The level of customization was up there, you could shape your vinyls anyway you wanted to. The game is kinda short and fairly easy, I beat it in about 14 hours. The grafics are okay, were kinda low but still looked good. All in all.. its a okay game, but if you can look past the bad story telling, low grafics and messed up drifting its a good game, and I recemend renting it.

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You've got to be kidding me here.

posted by Tarnished (DALLASTOWN, PA) Jul 29, 2010

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You can't change the controls. There's only 15 EA Trax, and none of them are remotely listenable. As once again Ea assaults our ears with techno remixes of already bad songs. From people you've never heard of unless you spend 90% of your time raving. The controls they give you are horrible. Seriously, the X is acceleration, fine. But then triangle is handbrake. Making a handbrake turn, which you need to do for almost every sharp corner unless you want two people to overtake you, near impossable. The graphics are idiotic. The gameplay is second generation. The cop chases, which should be what redeems this game, are unforgivably boring. And the live-acting is original Pc game laughable. Like soap-operas. Without acting ability. And all of this comes down to an unplayable, unforgivable peice of useless plastic. Honestly, the game would be more fun popping it out of the system, taking it outside, and using it to play frisbee with your dog. AVOID THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS.

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