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Also on:PS3, Xbox 360, Wii
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Armando Says...

posted by ArmandoR (MONTEREY, CA) Jul 18, 2012

Member since Dec 2010

Taken From My YouTube Review:

Hey YouTube! My Name Is Armando Romero And This Is My Review Of Need For Speed: The Run For The Nintendo 3DS. So That We’re Clear I Have Not Played The Console Versions, So That Means I Won’t Be Making Comparisons In-between The Versions. Although Through Research I Found Out That The Storylines Have Been Altered For This Port. While Still Remaining Some What True To The Others

‘The Run’ Is Very Similar To A Previous Title, Called Hot Pursuit. Players Race Down Freeways Until They Meet A Police Car, The Police Will Try To Wreak Your Car By Blocking You And Bumping You. You’re Encouraged To Do ‘Take Downs’. While Most Of The Time The Objective Is To Finish The Race, There Are Also Several Points Where You Have You Do Take Downs On Your Rival.

This Brings Us To The Story, Here Is Where The Game Fails Big Time. As I Said Earlier The Storyline Is Altered From The Console Versions. You Play As A Clue-less, Down On His Luck Car Racer. Who Makes His Grand Entrance By Being Thrown Into A River. After Breaking Out You Meet The Female Character, Whom I Could Care Less About. So Much So That I Didn’t Even Bother Looking Up Her Name. The Story Is Divided Into 5 Acts And In Total Has 26 Episodes. I Wouldn’t Call This Game A Pick Up And Go Type For That Reason.

The Story Is Told In A Graphic Novel Style. The Cut-Scenes Act Out Like A Comic Book, But I Cannot Say This Helps The Game, In Act It Makes It Clear That The They Were Rushed. The Developers Were Not Interested In Creating A Full Experience. The Premise Remains Mostly Unchanged, There’s A Coast-to-Coast Race With A lot At Stake. Whether Or Not The Race Has Connections To A Mob Family Is Confusing.

Most Of The Time, You Will Be Scratching Your Head. Trying To Make Sense Out Of The Plot. The Storyline Is Bland, Boring And Predicable. But The Game Makes Up For This By Giving You Awesome Game-play. In My Opinion This Is One Of The Greatest Racing Game For The System. Outside Of Ma

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Best racer on the system thus far

posted by CaptColon (SHIRLEY, NY) Nov 20, 2011

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I had very low expectations (can you blame me with how most of the 3rd party games turn out on this system so far?), but it's not bad. It has its problems but I'd say it's the best racer on the system thus far, but that doesn't mean much when you consider the competition it has.

I give it the edge over Ridge Racer 3D just because this one has online play and the autolog stuff at least, it's just a shame nobody is playing online. The servers are deserted, and when Mario Kart 7 comes out I expect even less people to be playing this.

One thing I'm not a big fan of is the quick-time events. They mostly happen out of nowhere, and can detract from the game. Just randomly during one of the races the view switched to first-person and I have to steer left and right to avoid boulders falling from the mountain. If you fail you have to retry until you get it right. Another example is during a race where I had to jump off a ramp over the gap of a collapsed bridge and the game slows down and I have to make quick upwards swipes on the touch screen to build up speed. I always try to avoid touching the screen without the stylus because I don't want to leave fingerprints but this isn't the kind of game where you can quickly grab the stylus fast enough.

So other than the the QTEs, and how few people seem to play online, my only other complaint would be the music. The quality of it is actually really good, it's just the song selection. EA seems to have the worst taste when they're selecting licensed music to put in their games.

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Very Good

Not bad for a portable title

posted by Ichiban (SAN JOSE, CA) Nov 29, 2011

Member since Apr 2006

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Considering the platform, not a bad attempt at adapting it's big brothers for a smaller screen. The main story won't take too long (according to game clock, I finished it in just over 4 hours), but considering it's a racing game, you probably don't want it to go on forever. There are additional challenges to tackle, that will take at least as long to complete again.

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