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Also on:3DS, PS3, Xbox 360
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posted by bruinswin (GARDNER, MA) Nov 19, 2011

Member since Jan 2010

When i got this game I sent it back within 15 minutes for extremly bad graphics unNFS like game play and bad gameplay..... Don't waste your time get on Xbox 360 or PS3 or even 3DS.

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The Need for More Excitement

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Nov 17, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Jan 2008

At least they didn’t give us the runaround like they did in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. This game actually has the illegal racing feel that the series is known for.
In Need for Speed: the Run, your task is to race across America from California to New York over 26 stages – and to win that race.
But the task is greatly hardened by the fact that cops and mobsters are out to get you – for some unknown reason. And it doesn’t help that the passenger tagging along for most of the ride has secrets that she won’t tell.
Unfortunately, the story doesn’t play out very well; you go from one stage to the next by achieving the main objective (beat a timer, win a race, wreck a certain number of other cars, keep within range of another vehicle.) The main questions are never answered, and the ending is a massive letdown.
The racing is what you’d expect from other racing games; it’s a good thing the makers of this game decided to ditch the tilting control scheme an just go with the Wiimote/Nunchuck or Classic controller set up, which are more accurate.
As for those “on the foot” segments – well, there aren’t any. You never leave your car during any of the segments in the Wii version of this game. And the main mode is over in about three to four hours – not good for a game costing $50.
After that, you can take on challenges. Each challenge is one of the tracks featured in the main mode you unlock with points earned while playing the game. But they’re all locked to begin with and to unlock all the challenges requires a few playthroughs of the main mode and several runs of the challenges. This game just doesn’t interest me that much.
As for multiplayer, you have two choices – a standard race or cops vs. robbers where one side has to disable the other. There’s no online option, and it similar to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, so there’s nothing new here.
Need for Speed: the Run is a good racer, but I was relying on the game makers making more than just a good racer. SKIP

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