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Need for Speed The Run


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Also on:3DS, PS3, Xbox 360
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GF Rating


i got this 2 days ago

posted by alwd1 (GRANDVIEW, MO) Nov 30, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

i got this game 2 days ago. I almost finished the game on wednesday.(today) no levels left.

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This game sucks !!

posted by guscreek (HARTINGTON, NE) Nov 26, 2011

Member since Oct 2009

Need for Speed: The Run did not live up to my expectations. The cut-scenes feel and look like a children's version of the Spider Man comic books. It's like they got the cast of Resident Evil to do the voice acting. The game play is decent, but it gets frustrating very fast, I got stuck on the fifth level and tried to beat it for 2 hours straight because cops and racers swarm you and you can't see a thing. I can't believe EA made this bad game. I was expecting better.

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Not to bad of a game could be better

posted by moremetallica (MEDFORD, OR) Nov 21, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

I was looking for a great game and I got a Good one with this one.
The graphics are ok. Nintendo isn’t known for its graphics anyways. But I would play an 8bit game for hours if it was fun.

I am really glad they did away with the tilt control. Nun chuck is way more accurate. I just wish they would give us an option of which one you want to use. My wife and kids like the steering wheel.

I beat the story mode in 3 ½ hours. I did not follow the story because I didn’t care I’m in it for the racing.

The game is way more fun as a multiplayer. Unfortunately unless you play through the story mode and play through the challenges you only get 1 or 2 cars to race in multiplayer.

And I noticed that when you are losing the cars ahead of you seem to slow down so you can catch up. For this reason I have gotten 1st place in every race.

I like how the game goes in to slow motion and does a 180 camera flip but when it comes out of it you better hope you are on a straight or you will hit the wall.

I love how you can choose how you want to split the screen.

And throughout the game you earn cash. But there is nothing to buy in the game as far as I can tell. But it did not come with a manual and Game Fly doesn’t have one on the sight.

And haven’t people figured out that PS3 Xbox and Wii games may have the same titles but the games are very different.

I give the
Story mode 6/10
Challenges 7/10
Multiplayer 10/10
Over all 9/10

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