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Gamefly Needs to Stop Using IGN False Reviews.

posted by dgolightly519 (PRESTON, ID) Dec 4, 2011

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Let's get one fact straight before you go any further. Do not ignore what the other real reviews say. Do ignore every single review given by IGN. They are anti-Nintendo (and that kind of bias isn't needed in the gaming world) and they also lie about what to expect from Wii games to further their own initiative. To put it "point-blank" I have read 6 negative Skyward Sword reviews (and that game is EPIC and better than ANY other game I have ever laid hand on for more reasons than can be counted in this review) and I have read nothing negative from them about this game. They give no indication that this or the other NFS games will be different than the other consoles and they claimed MW3 was going to be very bad and different which it was not at all (except in lacking the high definition part which doesn't even mean "bad" graphics, just fewer pixels). IGN is not to be trusted.

Moving on, this is by far NOT the worst Need For Speed, although I'd put it just above the original 1994 release of Hot Pursuit, and just under Nitro. This is far better than the newer release of Hot Pursuit that EA gave us and considering this was created by the Black Box division (creators of Undercover) EA could have given us A LOT better for the Wii.

What has been given is lack-luster arcade machine graphics, no cut-screens (none of the "get out and run" the other consoles get though we all know the Wii is capable of MUCH more than all of this, EA seems intent to destroy Nintendo), annoyingly non-existent physics ("hero-stunts"? Really?), decent music for a 90's or 80's game, and an "upgrade system" that entails placing one of the maybe 2 options for body kits on the car and one of maybe 6 colors the car was released in. What this is, is the original Hot Pursuit without the ability to choose cars in the main mode.

It isn't all bad, this game does have a somewhat enjoyable OFFLINE multi-player mode in a pinch and the "arcade" feel does have it's place, but I am very disappo

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NFS The Game Thats Nothing Like Whats Advertised!

posted by thebeast96 (CINCINNATI, OH) Nov 21, 2011

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Now this is not a bad game, its ok if you are a NFS fan, but once again us Wii users get shorted and get a game thats nothing like whats advertised and not told that it is any different.
I feel bad for the ones that bought it, I almost bought Hot Pursuit last year and i'm glad I rented it instead, I sent it back the next day.
The thing I like about this game is that if is almost like a cut-down version of the Burnout games I used to play on PS2, you build turbo the same way and even can "Takedown" your rivals and cop cars.
The physics are pretty good too, your not invincible, but it goes by a damage meter and if that meter is at the bottom, then even if you barly tap a car or wall you crash. I like the direction NFS is going, I am just tired of getting shorted.
Looking forward to what next year will bring, until then Rent,Beat, and Send back and then Buy NFS Undercover.

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Driver vs Speed

posted by mamasledge (HARWOOD, MD) Dec 8, 2011

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Received it Tuesday.....going back now. My kids beat it in one day.....DRIVER SAN DIEGO is way way better....

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