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NFS matured. First night i had it i wasted 5 hours

posted by dukenukem1 (GOSHEN, IN) Sep 18, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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I felt like i had to write a review since none of the others even gave this game a chance before they wrote their review. The cars do feel like a brick wall around corners, but once you start upgrading suspension and the engine you will notice a huge difference. Which is just the way it is supposed to be, stock cars should not handle like a track car. Once you make it to tier 2 the cars will be easier to drive and handle. This is not like other NFS games, you cannot just fly through corners and let the guard rail shove you in the right direction. This NFS really pushes cornering, which requires braking but not sliding around the corners. The game uses real tracks, real cars, and damage can be set to visual if you would like. The driver profile feature is really cool, it keeps track of how you race throughout your entire career and the game adapts to your driving style, which i thought was really really cool. The cockpit view is amazing, I have never felt so engaged in a game. When you hit a wall things go blurry and it takes about a second for things to come back into focus depending on how hard you hit. The graphics are absolutely amazing and the cars look amazing. There is nitrous in this game for some cars, but it is NOT the same nitro as other NFS titles. The boost is nothing like it was in underground, it is very suttle and i kept trying to figure out which button the NOS was because when i was hitting B i didnt even notice the boost. Its more of a long light boost, which is good for straights, but doesnt help you accelerate back up to speed once you spin out like older games. The car customization is different as well, there are not nearly as many choices as underground, and i was not all that satisfied with the amount of paint customization offered. This is one thing that i would change, I am a fan of choosing the brand of my parts, painting the rims, etc. and this game lacks that. This game is a blast and is a MUST rent for any racing fan.

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Very Good

Finally a NFS game worth playing!

posted by Prodrivema (SAINT PETERSBURG, FL) Sep 15, 2009

Member since Jul 2004

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For the past 12 years, I have avoided the NFS games like the bubonic plague. After NFS: High Stakes, the games fell way flat in my opinion (after reading many reviews and complaints via friends).

The new NFS game is created by some of the same developers of the acclaimed GTR racing games and believe me... it shows. This time around, the theme is more directed on the racing part of it, rather than poor storylines in the past. Its up to you to get to the worlds coveted elite championship and to do that, you need to win races, earn money as well as points.

Earning points varies from things like clean cornering, drifts around corners, drafts,etc. Also your reputation of how you drive will follow you throughout the career mode.

On the graphics side, they are truly impressive including things like full damage, and some amazing crashes. It starts out with a test lap around Brands Hatch. This will ultimately set up your difficulties and settings for the game.

All in all, this title reminds me of the games pre High Stakes era where the focus was just on racing and not stupid storylines. Never again would I have though that I would be playing an NFS title, but this one proved me wrong and is definitely a must play!

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Need for Speed Shift just got better!

posted by Filmmaker (CANONSBURG, PA) Sep 16, 2009

Member since Feb 2006

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I rented this game and played it for three hours then I purchased it because it’s that good! If you love Forza 2 and PGR you will love this just as much. Yes the cars do shift around the corners and that is because every car you drive in this game is like driving the real deal! No wonder they called it NFS Shift. You can also customize your cars to get them to perform to your liking. They have an easy set up or for the more serious players a professional tune shop. There is so much you can do to your vehicles and the options seem to never run out. If you’re a fan like me of racing games this is the one game you should at least rent. The graphics are outstanding just like Forza 2 but only better. This one will hold the tide over until Forza 3 arrives but it’s a keeper in my opinion.

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