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Very Unrefined

posted by racerlogan (GRANT PARK, IL) Oct 6, 2009

Member since Dec 2006

When I got this game I was very exited and it was all for no reason. The game is just much too easy. I know that I'm not the only one who completes everything before moving on and by the time I was almost done with tier 2 I had the whole game unlocked and all the best cars I would need fully tuned and waiting. The menus did not work fast enough if I wanted to restart a race I had to pick restart wait then after a second or so then I was able to select what I wanted.
I race any decent game from the cockpit view and this realy did not seem much better than any other game I've played. Even if you didn't want to race from the cockpit view it was like trying to play a first person shooter in third person it just looked terrible. This game could have been ok if they had spent about four or five months more on it but now it is too far gone for an update without redoing the whole thing.
Overall this game is just not worth it and maybe someday they will make another decent NFS game but they've lost me as a fan and i've played them all but after the shortness of Undercover which was obviously rushed hence the free game lengthening update. This game just turned out to be a rushed piece of junk all so they could meet they're deadline. There is a reason Gran Turismo takes forever it is actually important to spend time on games.
I've been a gamefly member for three years and a serious gamer for longer. I've played alot of games and this is nowhere near the top of my list.

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Decent game

posted by BlackShado (POWELL, OH) Oct 3, 2009

Member since May 2008

This is a decent game, visuals are stunning, car looks, feels and drives excellent. Plenty of cool cars and LOTS of customization that we all have come to expect from NFS.
Game actually does a good job of determining how you drive and in the first level will adjust your car for your experience. Computer AI is good, I swear that the computer will come back to exact revenge and try to wreck you when you mess with them.

This is Need For Speed. The biggest draw of the franchise (in my mind) has been the ability to run from the police, getting away in either Large beautifully rendered cities or in vast countrysides and a captivating story. This is not in this game (like at all). The premise of the game reads like the instructions for shampoo; collect trophies and work your way up through the ranks, purchase every car you need, upgrade it, race, repeat.

Load times are bad, not really bad, but bad enough that you want to pull your hair out after a couple hours. And the games autosave feature kicks in every time you do pretty much anything between every race, even if you retry. This just adds to the load times. Usually NFS games arn't too bad about this, this is the exception. No story, no cutscenes no police, no fun.

Game Plays Like Gran Turismo, just not as good of a game. Not nearly as difficult.

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NFS Shifting into neutral once again...

posted by Raphokon (PALMDALE, CA) Oct 2, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

Wow were are the people who developed nfs II cause we need to bring them back. They have the nerve to call this a simulation. Well the only simulation going on is in the driver seat and thats questionable.. Listen I took a Skyline and drove it into the back of a Viper and the Viper came off the ground and was sitting on top of my hood. What the heck inda simulation is that. What the point of going 200 plus miles an hour if all the AI slam on there breaks infront of you then pile up for every major turn.. Just remake NFSII I had more fun using cheat codes racing with a school bus and a log then I have had playing any of these current NFS... Need For S... you fill in the rest.

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