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good but not great

posted by godson22 (EDISON, NJ) Oct 14, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

Ive always been a need for speed fan till now its a good game better everything grafics gameplay etc but to me they just made a suped up vercion of gran turismo, the lack of a storyline or something like it didnt keep my attention for long, dont get me wrong as a racing game it should rank among the best but I just think in my opinion it should have that little extra so players can put they self in it not just race with no perpose other than trophies, still the more I played it the more I thought I was playing another game other than need for speed just my opinion but hope they keep up the good job and come up with more great ideas

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GF Rating

Very Good

Untill GT5, the best racing game for the PS3

posted by Sutherland (ELK CREEK, VA) Oct 6, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

The last NFS game was a great disappointment to me so I was glad to hear that the series was going through a serious revamping. And I am not disappointed, this game is by far the best racing game I've played for the PS3.
This game delivers on many levels. Controls are sharp and crisp as are the graphics. The cars all handle differently with noticable changes in performance with various upgrades added. Going from a tier 1 car to a tier 4 super car is a mind blowing experience. You literally get a sense of tension of being on the edge of control and losing it.
One thing you must try in this game is the cockpit view. I have always been an outside the car kinda of guy since GT1, but I played most of this game in the cockpit view and enjoyed every moment of it. It adds to the experience in a way that is hard to explain, you just have to experience it.
There are plenty of races to race though it doesn't take to long to make it to the last series of races if you don't want to do every single one. I wasn't to thrilled to see drifting on the line up but you don't have to do them to get to the last series of races.
There is a leveling system that gives you points for how you race and then rewards you with different things for leveling up. Didn't really think much of it but it would give more playablilty to the online players, which I must say that I do not race online, to many idiots.
This game is well worth your time to rent and if you are a die hard track racer, it is worth your money to bide you over untill GT5!

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GF Rating


Very Unrefined

posted by racerlogan (GRANT PARK, IL) Oct 6, 2009

Member since Dec 2006

When I got this game I was very exited and it was all for no reason. The game is just much too easy. I know that I'm not the only one who completes everything before moving on and by the time I was almost done with tier 2 I had the whole game unlocked and all the best cars I would need fully tuned and waiting. The menus did not work fast enough if I wanted to restart a race I had to pick restart wait then after a second or so then I was able to select what I wanted.
I race any decent game from the cockpit view and this realy did not seem much better than any other game I've played. Even if you didn't want to race from the cockpit view it was like trying to play a first person shooter in third person it just looked terrible. This game could have been ok if they had spent about four or five months more on it but now it is too far gone for an update without redoing the whole thing.
Overall this game is just not worth it and maybe someday they will make another decent NFS game but they've lost me as a fan and i've played them all but after the shortness of Undercover which was obviously rushed hence the free game lengthening update. This game just turned out to be a rushed piece of junk all so they could meet they're deadline. There is a reason Gran Turismo takes forever it is actually important to spend time on games.
I've been a gamefly member for three years and a serious gamer for longer. I've played alot of games and this is nowhere near the top of my list.

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