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posted by Kormath (HAILEY, ID) Sep 10, 2014

Member since Dec 2011

Like lots of other reviews here the game is fun, but the fun doesn't last long. I wasn't impressed by the online only gameplay. I would have liked to see an offline mode to just cruise around and race when i didn't want to deal with the griefers and 12 yr olds.

The game is like most other n4s games. You race, you upgrade, you race, you upgrade, you grow bored and move to something else. Having weapons made this a little more fun though. But sadly i'm into my 3rd day of renting and about 5 hours of total gameplay and have sealed the envelope to send it back. It's a good rent, and a good buy if you get it used, but i feel sorry for those that paid full price for this.

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GF Rating


Very Poorly Done Game

posted by DigitalHD (LIVERPOOL, NY) Aug 6, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

Need For Speed use to be a great series. I use to enjoy playing the NFS games. I've only played the game for a few hours and was ready to break my controller.

After a long unskipable cut scene, you get to choose your side, Cop or Racer. Say you choose Cop, you go through a tutorial. Simple enough right? All games have tutorials. However you can not skip a single thing in the tutorial. The narrator talks on and on for a while and you can only continue once she is done speaking. Once you finish the Cop tutorial, you are FORCED to go play as a Racer so you can "understand your rival". Now that's pretty simple EXCEPT the game FORCES you to sit through basically the SAME EXACT tutorial that you did with the Cop side. After all of that you get the option to choose your side once again. Once you choose your side, you are forced to make an Origin account and then sit through another cut scene explaining the "All Drive" system where you are constantly playing online with other players, bla bla bla.

On the Xbox One, the graphics aren't that bad. However the sounds are very unrealistic. The police sirens are computer generated and sound absolutely terrible.

If you want a large car selection, don't get this game. NFS Hot Pursuit had probably 5 times the amount of cars that this game has.

I think this game has crappier handling then the only NFS Underground 2 game had.

With this game, it seems like they tried to make it look pretty and didn't bother with anything else.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Gorgeous graphics with a refreshing twist.

posted by Rico731 (WARWICK, RI) Jul 10, 2014

Member since May 2014

This game looks incredible. And the controls are tight. It strikes a balance between arcade and simulation racers; like a realistic Mario Kart. You can play as either a cop or a racer, and you can switch between factions at any time.

As a racer, you're objective is to win races and avoid the cops. As a cop, your objective is to stop the racers with your awesome pursuit tech. Each faction gets To Do lists between chapters, Pick your assignment, do what it says, and progress. You earn Speed Points for preforming tasks and you can spend them on customizing your cars.

The game map is HUGE, and by default you'll be playing online with/against human opponents. Single player is available, but it is hidden in the menus. The included GPS makes it easy to get to locations and events. And racers can challenge each other at any time by pressing LB.

Like Titanfall, this game is a lot of fun, if a bit shallow. If you like racing games, you might want to buy this one. But even if you're not, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.

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