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Above Average

Amazing Visuals, Great Gameplay, Numerous Issues

posted by Stalenstruck (ROSEVILLE, CA) Oct 21, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

I was extremely excited to play NFS: Rivals when I signed up for my Gamefly subscription; especially since NFS: Hot Pursuit on the X360 is one of my all time favorites. After installing the game and drooling over the visuals, I began to notice several huge problems with the game. I almost immediately noticed there was next to no tutorial as far as gameplay mechanics and controls are concerned. Also there are several Kinect commands that can trigger entirely accidentally that will make your camera go crazy in the middle of a race which usually causes you to wreck. My biggest problem, however is the game's (All Drive?) online feature that has you in a giant sandbox against other drivers. While the feature is fun it has several problems with it. The biggest which I ran into more than twice is the game's inability to save your user progress while your not in an online game or if you get disconnected while in an online game and continue to play. I lost hours of gameplay twice when this happened to me. Also there are several exploits the racers can take advantage of online when being pursued that makes them almost impossible to catch. They can literally drive in circles around a repair shop regaining their power ups and health every loop making them impossible to catch. I gave this game a 6 because of its numerous issues that still aren't fixed even though I rented the game almost a year after its release. I would likely five it an 8 or 9 if the gameplay was smooth and consistent.

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GF Rating


Not bad

posted by Antihero813 (LITHIA, FL) Oct 1, 2014

Member since May 2014

Online is good

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Rent? yes...Buy? HE11 NO!

posted by WarlockNV (URBANNA, VA) Sep 24, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

This is one of those games that almost forces you to throw the controller as HARD as you can. You can play as a cop, or as a racer, but the races are basically all the same. No new areas open, you just drive on the same roads. You cant pause the game once your out on the road either. You earn "points" as you race but if you wreck or get caught by a cop you loose EVERYTHING you just gained. I had 264000 points from one race session, had tons of cops after me, and ran to a hideout (entering a hideout id the only way you can "bank" your points). I had been damaged and the screen was flashing red.... I was going into the hideout fast to try and NOT get caught.... as I hit the button to enter the hideout a millisecond after my car crashed and wrecked... guess what... NO POINTS, NO NOTHING. I also had started a career, and this forces you to not only sign into Xbox live (that's expected) but it also forces you to sign into EA servers. I have an EA account but it doesn't allow you to use your OWN existing screen name... you have to use a NEW one.... that's frustrating by itself, but heres the kicker. After doing all of this and creating a new account I played the game for about 4 days. Reached level 5, unlocked all the cars up to the FORD GT. I logged out for a day came back the next day and guess what.... ALL my progress was erased and I had to start BACK from the VERY beginning.
To sum this game up.... rent it, p1ss yourself off with it, then return it and get something less frustrating or just beat your head against a wall... it's much more fun than this game.

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