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GF Rating

Above Average

Playable game, but has tons of bugs.

posted by lazarus923 (PARK FALLS, WI) Jan 8, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

From my experiences playing Need for Speed Rivals, this game features many bugs. For example, if you have the pursuit tech, turbo, equipt before on your vehicle before an event you can earn a head start by activating the turbo and quickly beginning the event. Your car will move forward and the camera will act normal, peering behind your vehicle to the oncoming cars, but by the time the camera returns to your car, your ahead of the other racers.
Another bug may occur when either you return to your hideout or are busted. I had been messing around, earning speed points as the racer, and when I wrecked and was busted, my game went to a black screen, forcing me to restart the game. My data reverted from chapter 12 to chapter 2... However the collectibles on the map stayed, like the speed cameras, speeding zones, and jumps.
A smaller bug that occurred while playing was that trees lost their leaf textures, or 'muddy' detailed leaf squares (literally, floating leaf squares) would appear above roads. Players can't crash into them, but they are obnoxious as you can't see past them.
Sometimes vehicles will spawn as you are speeding down the road, forcing you to either swerve to the side, or crash. This occurs the most when you are going outrageous speeds down the road, 180mph+
Need for Speed Rivals is a great racing game, and is very enjoyable, but is flawed for street racing. This is because cars aren't fully customizable, the customizations are very few and generic. Decals aren't customizable either, and that takes away from personalization. The ability to use persuit tech during races isn't exactly fair in my opinion, but is a great way to lose the cops.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Decent, but short lived.

posted by SoCalSpartan (COLTON, CA) Jan 2, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

Honestly the game can be entertaining, the premise is simple. Want to play as a cop? Repeatedly run into the racers. Want to play as a racer? Don't get run into by a cop.

That's it though. Sure when your playing online things get a little dicey, but it makes it even less enjoyable. Drive around for too long without banking your points? BONED. The minute a real live person see's you with a heat level higher than say 4? Everyone is on you, and you literally will .... not ... escape.

The game is quite "fun". But it really has no depth, I played it for a day, then packaged it up and sent it right back.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great turnaround for the series!

posted by Dallas12cowboys (CEDAR FALLS, IA) Jan 2, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

I'm very impressed with the effort the NFS team put into this one. I feel it's made vast improvements over the nit-picky troubles of the older games.

First, the setting. You play in a large free-roam city with many different surroundings, varying from frosty mountains to arid desert hills. I really liked the looks of everything around me, and loved the free-roaming.

The biggest problem in my opinion is the online aspect featured simultaneously with the single player. Right away they place you in a multiplayer match where 5 other people are roaming the world just as you are. I personally haven't encountered any aggravating other players who intentionally mess you up, but I've heard rumors of them. There is an option for a private match (of just friends), or a single player only match (where it's obviously just you). I'm very appreciative they allowed the option because I believed at first it was an "always online" game.

The racing/driving reminded me of why I liked the older Need for Speeds. They brought back using the e-brake to drift around corners, separating themselves from the Forza franchise by making a more "arcade" style racer. I'm again very pleased with this. The cars were a blast to drive, and I would recommend this to older NFS lovers.

Overall I would say the only problems with this game were the online aspect, where troubles connecting to servers and mean/aggressive other players could cause troubles. Besides that, I highly recommend this game due to the great scenery, awesome looking cars, and fun driving mechanics. Definitely worth a rent, and probably a buy as it's packed with things to do.

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