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GF Rating


It NEVER stops holding your hand.

posted by turbobeta (SEATTLE, WA) Apr 2, 2014

Member since Jan 2011

Within the first 10 minutes of gameplay you'll experience:

A cutscene you cannot skip.
Narration you're forced to listen to.
Broken menus with options locked off.
Control being stolen from you several times and being forced to watch a framed in unstoppable movie.

Worthless. This is the worst in hand-holding game design. It's a racing game. With cars. The same cars we've all been driving since age 16. We know how to navigate menus.

Horrible. I LOVE racing games, but this one is not worth your precious time or frustration.

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GF Rating


Worst need for speed

posted by KS_Murcilago (SAN JACINTO, CA) Feb 6, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

This is by far the worst need for speed I have played and I played the ps1 ones this game is full of glitches and bad gaming mechanics u drive through guards and your car spins out of control and when you think you have a gotten a good car it sucks. Do not waste your time with this game there is no story mode just an online mode.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

If you're into racing games, this is for you.

posted by NuclearSoup (BOCA RATON, FL) Apr 9, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

I literally got this game today, I saw a couple of videos on it and it looked like a really good game!
Sadly, when I was finally able to get this I began to play and started to realize it's not as fun as you think. The open world and the graphics itself is beautiful. But It could get repetitive with the similar rodes. Another thing is that with all the missions in the game, it's really disappointing to see that most of the missions are extremely repetitive and the only difference is that it gets harder and harder. I've never really played racing games so the overall experience may be completely different for you. For one, I did only play this game for a good 4 hours before rage quitting seeing as it's not fun for me but it's also pretty challenging. The cars control fine and they're awesome. Not to mention there's a plentiful amount of cars to drive around. But the police could get pretty annoying. When you get busted, you lose all the money you earned so that would get pretty irritating, But don't get me wrong I like a challenge in a game, it's just that it was executed pretty poorly. and it's bad enough the HUD is as convoluted as it is you consistently having to look all over the place, I've just pointed out a few things that irritated me, but like I said, the experience for me personally was not great. If you really wanna see what this game has to offer, go ahead and rent it. But I warn you it may be a waste of a rent.

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