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Good game similar to all NFS games.

posted by ittybitty (NEWFANE, NY) Nov 24, 2013

Member since Nov 2007

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I dont understand the person that left the horrible 1 out of 10 review. User is upset that the MP4-12c is faster then the 458 Italia in the game. Well that is because the MP4-12c has 640 horsepower and the 458 Italia has 570 Horsepower in real life. The mp4-12C is a lot faster then the 458. Want proof check out YouTube and search mp4 vs 458 Italia. Reviewer also said that the muscle cars will not turn, well if you are driving the car at a high rate of speed and don't brake for the corner then of-course it won't turn. Simply drive it like a muscle car and brake early and hard, apex the corner and exit fast. The user does not know cars and does not know video games either. This is a typical NFS game, it is fun to play, the car chases are fun, racing has a real sense of speed. If you are a fan of the NFS franchise then rent the game. It is not the best NFS of all time but it is still a great racing game. Good luck and always use a seat belt when traveling at 200mph.

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posted by LgranD10S (RICHMOND, VA) Nov 22, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

1 out of 3 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

Finally, the driving physics aren't too loose how they used to be in previous games. This is a much more fun and enjoyable game than the last one was. It is a complete open world and you can't stop the fun unless you get to a hideout or a police station. IT IS AMAZING. While doing races in an open world, racers and cops alike are coming at you from the opposite side while the cops chasing you try to take you down as well as the other racers deploy certain pursuit tech to stop you. the fun never ends. Remember those stopping screens after you stopped racing? NOPE. Not anymore. It is incredibly clean full of actual performance changing and simply the variety of cars and the look of undercover, enforcer and normal cop is amazing it gives a complete different feel to the game.

Idk what the guy below me is talking about. You can also btw, team up with your friends and lose the cops or wreck them together and it becomes a massive MASSIVE enjoyful moment. Gentlemen, if you liked the IDEA of the hot pursuit games and didn't feel like it gave you what you wanted, I ASSURE you, this one I'll keep playing until the next one comes out. Amazing game, FINALLY NFS got somewhat close to most wanted and underground 1 & 2. AND most importantly the action NEVER stops its fkin awesome

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posted by kola (TRIANGLE, VA) Nov 25, 2014

Member since Nov 2014

After being a fan for do long why must you ruin it with this game never had a game just be so boring and repetitive. No true story and major lack of customization to cars. what the heck happened to need for speed?

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