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Really Bad

what is this?

posted by impjuice (Houston, TX) Nov 25, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

10 out of 15 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

This game cannot be a NFS game i had to look at the cover twice after playing it for 3 hours. This game is just terrible. The grip races are just a pain in the butt come to a corner doing 25mph and your car just wont turn. The announcers are annoying. The ONLY thing you can do is race. They tried to make it seem more realistic and came about... no where near close. I bought this game, i prolly shoulda waited to rent it. I beat the drag king in 3 hours with the first set of cars in King mode. The game is to repetitive and easy. EA you should fire the person that made this game seriously.

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posted by IBloTreez (BELLEVUE, NE) Dec 5, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

well, to my opinion nfs pro street sucks. carbon was way better.. more understanding... and the grip races in pro street suck.... the garage look sucks... i got done with 3 career race days and i shipped the game back in because i did not like it at all...

for all the carbon lovers, do not get this game if you like free roam fast corners, sweet paint jobs and customizable features on your car.

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Not What I Expected

posted by Woodchippr (GRANGEVILLE, ID) Nov 24, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

7 out of 11 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

The first and biggest complaint is the game is way too repetative. There are too many races on the same tracks using the same cars over and over again. It just gets boring after a while, and gets to the point where you are almost lapping the opponents because you know the track so well. My second complaint is the fact that there is no way to qualify before any races. Thus you end up in the last position everytime, and makes you fight your way to the front of the formation of cars. It usually ends up in you causing damage to your car because as you get behind an opponent, as the A.I. slows down and you end up wrecking into the car in front of you. Also the cars all jumble up at the start, and makes it near impossible to get past them without hitting one, or one hitting you. Another thing I dont like about the game is when you get a new car, you cant use it for any other races other than what you have it classed at from the beginning. Meaning that if you get a new car and you choose to send it to the drag races, you can only use it in the drag races and nothing else. So, unless you have lots of money, your cars are really limited as to what you can drive on certain tracks. Another complaint is, is there are a lot of cars that are locked that you can only buy with Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. Now for some its not a probelm, but for others that means going out and getting Xbox live and going form there. Unless you want to do that the cars remain locked. Last complaint is, is when you have your moderate difficulty set, your driving aids get in the way of driving the way you want. When you are trying to accelerate out of a turn, the computer steps in and hits the brakes. Not a good thing to do when opponents are behind you. Overall the game has its fun points, my favorite is the drag races. The graphics are very nice, but the game isnt what I thought it would be. I would rent it, but not buy it.

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