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Everyones Missing the point here (PLEASE READ)

posted by chargr67 (ROSEVILLE, CA) Dec 1, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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"ive been playing nfs since it started with underground and.."

hold on a sec, since underground? what about NFS 1,2,3 hot pursuit,4 high stakes and 5 hot pursuit 2? NFS was orginally about High end cars and resort like tracks, yes tracks. there was never free roam in NFS untill NFS 7 (underground 2).

Most Wanted was a launch title for the Xbox 360 and Carbon was a launch title for the PS3(just a year later, which seems to be a pattern now, NFS used to take a few years now its just 1). both games were rushed to meet the release of each system witch took its toll on the game.

the game engine (what powers how the game plays) was choppy and almost "hovercraft" like. the cars slid like they were on ice all the time and at times defied physics. sure its no a sim its suppost to be alil arcade but the problem wasnt that it was arcady, the problem was that the game engine was unfinshed which made for some frustrating races for anyone whos drivin a car before.

with that said yes ProStreet has taken a step away from the tuner scene slightly and went back to tracks but what we got in return was a much smoother game engine and better sense of speed. Prostree does not have cops, a bad guy, a epic story, hollywood actors, CG cut scenes, but you know what it does have? a fun racing game...

i think alot people have totaly forgot what "The Need For Speed" is all about.. this is not "the fast and the furious" or "the need for drama" no matter how you cut it NFS has always been a racing game and this year that is what EA delivers.

NFS is not defined by the type of cars, so what if it only has 8 exotics, so what if it only has 4 body kits for each car, it has a cars from every genre and a fun racing element and yet every reveiw i read crucifies it becasue theres no epic story or hollywood actors.

you people have your prioritys backwards...

NFS ProStreet is a fun, solid racing game and is built with a higher stardard then the past 3 (underground2,mostwantd,c- arbon

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Very Good

I Challenge you!

posted by RACECRAZY (PORTLAND, OR) Oct 23, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

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I've had this game for some time now and haven't played it for about 6 months now. I have been trying different new games like GT5 and older ones like MC3 Dub Remix, NFS Underground series, Carbon, (Juiced 2 (for the drifting mainly)) (not that they are very old). I play pretty much only racing games and have been playing since GT2 and NFS2. I've always liked to feel the sense of speed (adrenaline) but also prefer fairly realistic handling. Just last night I popped NFSPS in my PS3 and I was blown away at how awesome it felt. All these reviews talking about this game not being as good as the underground series, Most Wanted or Carbon are frustrating to me because this game has almost the perfect balance of a sense of speed and realistic handling. Granted the Announcers are very annoying and you can't view replays but ALL in ALL this game is a blast. And I challenge anyone who thinks that NFSPS is not fun to go play other games for a while and then come back to it. This game has an awesome feel and deserves more good reviews.

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Too Many Frozen Screens

posted by SMoK40 (TEMECULA, CA) Jul 21, 2008

Member since May 2008

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I didn't mind the change in format from Carbon, but the thing that caused me to pull my hair out was the consistent (near constant) game freeze when I was updating the blueprints. After 10 reboots of the game yesterday, I had enough and sent it back to GameFly having only completed 17% of the game...what a shame, not a bad game otherwise.

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