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More realism/simulation than past NFS titles

posted by madcapr (CHESTERFIELD, VA) Dec 14, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

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I personally like this game, because I enjoy realistic racing games. It isn't as good as the Gran Turismo series, but it is a well done game with realistic physics, tracks, and cars. Please understand before you rent this that it is a totally different style of racing than the previous several NFS titles. Here are the main points of why I rate this game a 7.

1- Decent graphics, but nothing to write home about.
2- Good sound effects, especially if you use the first person views and you have surround sound speakers. You can hear cars as they come up behind you on the left or right side.
3- Nice selection of cars. Not overwhelming, but a good mix of classics and newer models.
4- The controls are very well done. If you have a plastic steering wheel shell, the response of the steering is almost perfect. I like to shift manually, and that works well, too. Drag racing uses a vertical scheme that works well, also. The cars respond in a more realistic manner than some previous NFS titles, and therefore require you to brake and accelerate properly to do well.
5- You can actually damage your cars now, and even total them at times. You have to pay for repairs, or use vouchers that you can win. This adds more realism.
6- The tracks are realistic racing tracks. Again, if you like realism, this is a good thing.
7- Some of the "fun factor" is lost because the game is more realistic. You don't get to fly through the city at 100+ mph. You also don't get to "free roam" and race random people. There is a structured flow to the game.
8- The customization options are good as usual. You can buy packages, or tune individual parts. You can also win upgrades for winning races.

If you are expecting the same old NFS title, then you might be disappointed with this one. Otherwise, enjoy this game for what it is.

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EA Killed NFS, Again

posted by Guardian42 (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Nov 20, 2007

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Member since Sep 2007

11 out of 14 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

As I strode over to my mailbox, I was greeted by Gamefly with NFS Prostreet for the Wii.
I was always a NFS fan, playing almost every new one since porche unleashed on up to hot pursuit, underground 1 & 2, most wanted, and carbon. Now, the first thing one notices about Prostreet is that for the first time 4 generations of NFS, it isn't illegal street racing. I guess how you take it here is how much you liked the old stuff. Although it's great they are finally getting out of the city and the same look shown over and over, but once you play a few tracks, you'll miss the views. The setting takes place on some race tracks out in a desert somewhere. No buildings or other fancy things, just desert, a few gas stations, and some nifty sun effects. But, this can go either way. You can be glad/mad they stopped the inner city racing and mad/glad with the more legal desert road racing.

Customization is back again and allows for simple upgrades to full blown customization in almost every aspect. Nothing big here, most of the same from the last couple NFS.

Now, obviously, the big thing with Wii is the controls. Sadly, they just don't seem to work well. They give you three main options for control assists, where the computer will help a bit on turns and braking. It's nice, but, it still just doesn't seem responsive no matter which way you go. I felt that there was a limit to how far I could turn with the wii mote when I knew i should have been able to turn a bit more like in the previous games. The 'casual' setting, the one that gives the most help, makes the game a lot more playable, but makes one feel like their cheating, and 'king' the 'full experience' feels broken.

There is a 2 player mode that works well, which is expected, but beyond some quick races with friends and the single player race campaign, that's it.

No online.

This is what finally killed the game for me. Playing by myself is nice, but what good is it if I can't show off my awesome ride to the world

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Above Average

The real good and bad...

posted by Ingenious (STILLWATER, OK) Nov 30, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

If you like racing simple tracks with super cool cars that damaged realistically with nice graphics, then this is your game.

Pro :
- very nice design
- there are cheat codes
- nice cars
- nice customization
- drifting is more fun

Cons :
- Named ProStreet when you only race on TRACKS not REAL STREETS
- boring and/or tiresome minigames
- track design is very limited & its practically useless using many supercars when you accel to its max speed once or twice
- odd controls
- confusing interface (full of graphics and ads)
- Lots of ads in the game, especially during race
- bad & weak (if any) story
- no cops

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