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Need For Speed Most Wanted

posted by knappian101 (LAKE PLACID, FL) Apr 12, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

When i first started playing the game it was lame. you dont get to buy the mods for you cars like you do in the others you have to win your mods. when you crash it takes way to long for it to restart you car and by the time it restarts your car the other car or cars are a head of you by a mile or 2 which it is hard to catch up. and when you beat the leaders in order for you to get their car you have to chase them and knock them out but is extremely hard because you dont lose the wanted level like you do in the rest when you finish the race so while trying to knock out a car that for some reason becomes extremely faster then it was while you were racing it you have to contend with the police who are trying to bust you which is hard because the police level rises so quick by the time you win the race you are already at level 5 police present and thats when the rhino units come out and come straight at you. the police percent rises extremely fast and is slow to lower when you lose them. oh yeah alot of the cars are hard to handle because you cant buy mods.

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Not as good as the first

posted by cpone (WINTER GARDEN, FL) Apr 9, 2013

Member since Dec 2011

There seems to be lots of whining on how this game is too hard by many people in here. Maybe its not the game that is too hard but your weak driving skills. I didn't find the game too hard at all. I found it rather boring to be honest and at times easy.

The whole driving around and finding random cars was boring. There was no incentive to do go find another car. Once you found like the Porshe and then the Lambo you could get through the first 2 Most Wanted Cars and then just take theirs and upgrade them to beat everyone else. Heck if you find the Nissan GTR you could beat everyone after its upgraded.

Plus the way that you have to upgrade is kinda weak as well. You have to race to upgrade the car. Which takes away from the first most wanted where you had to be smart about how you spend your money and on what parts.

Then there is the part where there is ZERO story line. Not sure if the budget just didn't allow for it or EA (which is down the street from me) just got really lazy. I am going to yell at my buddy later (he works there). EA needs to step up their game on the NEED FOR SPEED Franchise before they lose loyal fans like myself. The last few have been sub par for sure.

Don't even get me started on the redundant crash simulation like Paradise. SO ANNOYING.

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please read

posted by quinten978 (LEOMINSTER, MA) Apr 1, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

when i got the game it was scratched up really bad i tried to play it but it kept freezing finally i got it to work and i made it halfway through the game i tried my best then it froze i restored the memory then a second time i restored the memory it made me start all over so i will never play this game again i love it but no and i want the last person that had it to pay for the game because they ruined it

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