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posted by hypnotic937 (CENTERVILLE, OH) Nov 13, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

For start i have been a loyal fan of the need for speed title since the hot pursuit on the original playstation. This most wanted has great graphics but the whole down fall is the game play the handling of the car it is outrageous at points that make me want to rage and chuck my controller though my tv it seems at certain times it can be easy tho but at the same time the wind just wrecks you so in conclusion this will be the last title of need for speed i purchase

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Not my favorite

posted by Tealmyster (BELLINGHAM, WA) Nov 11, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

The graphics are awesome, very detailed, great car choices and a lot of things to do. However the handling is very frustrating, which has led me to turn the game off and make me unsure on whether to play it again later or just go put it in the mailbox. Not my favorite game from the Need for Speed series, and I don't think I will be recommending this one to anybody.

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Good Game, with a few flaws.

posted by MrSche (MEMPHIS, TN) Nov 10, 2012

Member since Jun 2007

I loved Hot Pursuit and The Run...I think Hot Pursuit was the best. The Run gave me more motive, while Most Wanted is more free, but annoying. I think I liked the linear feel of the past few releases. Most Wanted is open world, and I think with such open worldness, you should give the driver a personality, and add more customizing of cars ( Midnight Club ). Most Wanted fails at this, but its still a lot of fun. Graphics are good, and the cars handle pretty good once you get the feel for them.
I do hate that once you do upgrade your cars, they are basically wortless, because there are no more races for you to compete in for that particular car, which is senseless! You can although use it for the MOST WANTED races. After that, you have to drive new cars and learn the mechanics of new cars in order to further continue the game. The cops are also VERY annoying. I understand making them very agressive, but the way they hunt you down is just awful and cheesy. You can escape the cops, change the color of your car, and hide in a sewage drain, but their MAGIC RADARS still pick you up. Very lame. Whats the point of being able to hide? Also, just like THE RUN, they have these annoying messages pop up mid screen while your re going 160mph! Couldnt they have put them in the top right hand corner or something? Good lord! I crash every time because they block my view!
With that being said, this game is still fun to me. I like it, but it has areas of concern that I hope they will fix in future games. Other than that, if you are a high speed racing fan, and are familiar with the NEED FOR SPEED series, then get this game. You will like it trust me.

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