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posted by iamjacksbos (MANCHESTER, CT) Nov 21, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

I loved the original Most Wanted released in 2005. I was excited seeing this one was developed by Criterion, who made Burnout.
But it doesn't work out as as I had hoped. I don't find myself enjoying this game, but wanting to go back and play the 2005 Most Wanted or Burnout 3. This isn't most wanted, it's like Burnout Paradise with cops.
The things that made 2005's Most Wanted good are gone.
Customizing your car is gone. You don't get to choose a body kit, tires, or anything. I hope you aren't particular about the color of your car, because you don't get to choose that either. The color changes every time you drive through a repair station. So do that till you get what you want I suppose.

I do like how you tune performance (which is done through a quick menu, not a garage). You choose parts based on your play style. You can choose a transmission to favor acceleration or higher speed. You can choose a tough body for the car if you're an aggressive driver, or a lighter body if you prefer a faster, more maneuverable car.

That's the only good thing. Aside from that, the racing is mediocre. They use Burnouts crashing and takedown's, which are ill suited for a Need for Speed game. If you so much as nudge traffic, enjoy a burnout style crash sequence.
This makes police chases somewhat infuriating. You will crash over and over and over during police chases at higher heat levels. This will make them feel more like a chore than a challenge when you need to lose them. Pursuitbreakers aren't included in this Most Wanted either. It's easier to just let yourself get busted as there is no consequence for it. Getting through the most Wanted List is easy. I got halfway through in less than five hours.

The soundtrack is awful. Skrillex and DJ something remix songs from The Doors and The Who. I don't know what made them think this was a good idea.

Overall, disappointing. If you didn't play the original you might enjoy this.

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most wanted

posted by erokrips (LAS VEGAS, NV) Nov 20, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

great graphics and good ideas at decent speeds specially from the bumper view......just a little to much of the same concept ......good go to game when bored

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Above Average

Solid, but Indelibly Flawed

posted by RainDragon (MUNFORD, TN) Nov 18, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

I have to say I'm one of those who used to be a fan of Need for Speed. It just always seemed to me that the series lost all of it's appeal with this latest generation of hardware. All the games seem like giant steps backwards in terms of everything except graphics. Maybe it's just hard to get a NFS game right.

The duties of making the latest were passed on to a team that I thought would absolutely nail it, the guys who made Burnout Paradise. Burnout Paradise is easily one of my favorite racing games of all time, and there is a STRONG connection in style with that and this game. The clean presentation, open cities, interesting (though destructively tame, which you'd expect with licensed cars) crashes, and tight controls are there.

Where it fails, is in the worst possible areas. First off is the police AI. It's fine if you get caught speeding in the open world, but it murders any sense of fun in the "ambush" races. These see you starting out with an alert level, and you have to shake the cops in a time limit. The problem being that the moment you DO shake the cops, the game spawns more of them directly in any path you could take. To call that frustrating is an understatement bordering on profane.

And the other thing that fails is the most wanted races. Each and every one of them... you will fail. You will fail until you memorize the track, and you will fail after you memorize it until the AI makes a mistake and crashes.

The only other thing that needs mentioning is the rubber-band thing. I get that in the old days you needed to find ways to manufacture a challenge, but these days if you get ahead of the AI, you should be able to stay there without having to watch them teleport (often literally) behind you at top speed to keep things 'interesting.'

I'd call it worth a rental... but don't get your hopes up for something groundbreaking or non-stop fun.

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