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Reviewers are newbs!

posted by yellowdak360 (ROSEVILLE, MI) Nov 28, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

I give this game a solid 8. The gameplay is more fun than forza horizon but the car selection and mods are lacking in comparison to horizon. The thing i hated was that you have to do the same races with different cars it gets repetitive after a while and i seriously beat every most wanted event with a ZR1 it was too easy! But if you like burnout you will love this game. IMO i had no problem with the handling, u newbs suck at a arcade racing game, lmfao!! Yes its nothing like the original but better than any of the shift games or prostreet and the run. Thank you criterion for making this game and hot pursuit awesome.

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posted by XGNick (LIVONIA, MI) Nov 22, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

When it was announced that EA would be making another NFS Most Wanted, I was ecstatic. I loved the original Most Wanted game, and have been looking for a great racing game to play since Midnight Club went MIA. However my joy and anticipation was met with disappointment.

What I loved most about the first Most Wanted was the car customization, police chases, and the overall feeling of needing to escape from the police, or else my car would be red flagged and eventually taken away. None of that is in the new Most Wanted. They have taken out car customization all together, besides some minor performance parts, and the police chases have turned from an exciting, heart pumping race for your life, to an inconvenience. It does not matter if you get Busted because your car won't get black listed, or taken away.

The races are still fun, and challenging, but I have no sense of connection to them. In the original Most Wanted you raced against characters who talked so much trash that you wanted to beat them. Now it's just a race, in a car that is not yours, against other cars, and not racers.

There are no more missions that you have to accomplish to race a Most Wanted racer, you just need Speed Points which you gain from racing, and cop chases. They have no other purpose, than that.

In the end Most Wanted was fun, but incredibly disappointing. Why EA decided to make the this game the way they did is beyond me. Everything that was great about Most Wanted was removed, and nothing knew was added to compensate.

Save your money, and time, and hope a new Midnight Club game gets made.

Thanks for reading.

'Stand tall and shake the Heavens'

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posted by iamjacksbos (MANCHESTER, CT) Nov 21, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

I loved the original Most Wanted released in 2005. I was excited seeing this one was developed by Criterion, who made Burnout.
But it doesn't work out as as I had hoped. I don't find myself enjoying this game, but wanting to go back and play the 2005 Most Wanted or Burnout 3. This isn't most wanted, it's like Burnout Paradise with cops.
The things that made 2005's Most Wanted good are gone.
Customizing your car is gone. You don't get to choose a body kit, tires, or anything. I hope you aren't particular about the color of your car, because you don't get to choose that either. The color changes every time you drive through a repair station. So do that till you get what you want I suppose.

I do like how you tune performance (which is done through a quick menu, not a garage). You choose parts based on your play style. You can choose a transmission to favor acceleration or higher speed. You can choose a tough body for the car if you're an aggressive driver, or a lighter body if you prefer a faster, more maneuverable car.

That's the only good thing. Aside from that, the racing is mediocre. They use Burnouts crashing and takedown's, which are ill suited for a Need for Speed game. If you so much as nudge traffic, enjoy a burnout style crash sequence.
This makes police chases somewhat infuriating. You will crash over and over and over during police chases at higher heat levels. This will make them feel more like a chore than a challenge when you need to lose them. Pursuitbreakers aren't included in this Most Wanted either. It's easier to just let yourself get busted as there is no consequence for it. Getting through the most Wanted List is easy. I got halfway through in less than five hours.

The soundtrack is awful. Skrillex and DJ something remix songs from The Doors and The Who. I don't know what made them think this was a good idea.

Overall, disappointing. If you didn't play the original you might enjoy this.

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