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Very Good

Its not bad..but has some flaws

posted by 360Santi (NEW YORK, NY) Dec 22, 2012

Member since Jan 2008

I wrote a review for PS3..I gave it a so so kind of rating which I've improved and upped to almost an 8..making the grade at i'm here giving it a little better praise. I also almost rented the 360 copy thinking DLC wasn't coming out for PS3.

The races here are much harder than anything I've ever experienced in the Burnout series (mainly Revenge & Paradise)..which is what lured me to this game..not the NFS lineage of titles..which honestly I haven't played since PC days..I've been on burnout as far back as original xbox and as I said in my PS3 heart goes out to anyone feeling betrayed that the NFS style of game is gone..Burnout brought me here..and i'm somewhat happy..

Bottom line is this...the game is enjoyable and quite challenging as long as you have a souped up ride..and not a scrub car which the game starts you off with..Yes yes we can't all buy the DLC Ultimate speed pack to start off with great cars..(but I DID) but the true challenge if you so desire it to race your scrub car and achieve the greatness by pulling your hair out & lose a lot of races only then to make your ride that of super car status.. I wasn't up for that challenge so i bought the aforementioned DLC...Bugatti and the Pagani are the best cars I've used here so far

The Timesavers pack is more politically correct in that jack spots are revealed (single player mode) and a much better assortment of cars is available for you to use in multiplayer as opposed to the scrub lineup you are defacto dealt with. The super cars you get with the other DLC only appear as jack spots if you've earned enough points so the timesavers is basically the top tier of better than scrub cars..Lamborgini gallardo, tesla roadster, B-A-C mono are preferred if you want the uphill challenge..

so the game gets better with I'm hooked..
but starting from the scrub level clawing your way to the top..given how many burnout titles ive played..ive earned the right to not be a s

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GF Rating


Criterion reigns supreme

posted by GiftedTucker (CYPRESS, CA) Dec 21, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

After the announcement of yet another NFS game i was less than excited. When i heard a new racing game was being made by Burnout creators Criterion Games, i was overjoyed. When i heard they were one in the same game, i was confused. After playing this game for 10 hours straight, i am proud to say that this game is a near perfect combination of both series. The style and police chases are pure NFS, and the open world combined with actually crashing is classic Burnout. This is an authentic racing game, without any of the excess junk that held other games in the racing genre down. Get out there and race!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Why so serious??

posted by Scoobage (FOSTORIA, OH) Dec 18, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

I haven't had a chance to play the console version of this yet, but I have played the PC version. I really don't know why people are bashing this game so badly. Yes, I sympathize with certain people and say that there should have been faces with the names in the Most Wanted list. But, honestly, what other NFS game has there been where every car is unlocked right from the start? Personally, I used to get frustrated waiting to unlock whatever car i happened to be waiting on. Now, all I have to do is find it and it's mine.....can't get much better than that. I do agree that EA needs to do some work on making this franchise better. As much fun as these games are to play, it would be a shame to see NFS fade away. But in the same respect, it isn't such a bad thing to enjoy an arcade racing game such as this. For those that haven't played it and enjoyed the Burnout games, give this one a shot. You won't be disappointed.

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