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Least Wanted

posted by sohchx (HAGERSTOWN, MD) Apr 23, 2013

Member since Apr 2008

I have always been a fan of the NFS series and was kind of looking forward to playing it,but was on the fence because of the reviews it had gotten. Well, anyone who tells you to stay away from this game, listen to them!! The steering mechanics are horrible causing the cars to wander all over the road almost constantly, the AI pedestrian cars purposely try to make you crash into them. After my first race I was so confused with the menus and trying to figure out what to do next that I became angry. The game lasted 40 minutes in my house. EA really needs to step back and re-evaluate where they need to go next in the NFS franchise,or just scrap the series all together. You can only rehash the same idea so many times that it becomes stale and that's exactly what has happened here. There is no story,get in a car, do some races find other cars, repeat. There's to much going on during a race,to much stuff happening on screen, speed cam flashes are a bother, the dirt effect on screen some times gets in your way of vision..grinding or hitting a dip makes the screen change color for like 1/2 second and the little cut scenes before entering a race are unescessary. There is no car customization,once AGAIN! The upgrades for the cars do nothing except for the tires. The most frustrating thing is at when you are in a race and have a huge lead, the opponents behind you will catch up to you in seconds zooming right passed you,same goes for the cops. How do you catch up to me while I'm doing over 200 mph and you are in an SUV!!!???

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GF Rating

Really Bad

A step down from the first most wanted.

posted by herbadiah (BREMERTON, WA) Apr 17, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

This game was garbage. Not Need For Speed by any means. I mean seriously, a game that only has to drive views, (front bumper and third person) I personally like to be in the car at the steering wheel. Racing games have advanced so much in the customizing and tuning and this game does not grasp at all. Was disappointed with Forza Horizon and this did not prove to be any better. Why cant they just mix up Need For Speed Underground 2 with Need For Speed Shift or Pro Street.

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GF Rating


The lights are on, but nobody is home

posted by MadCat360 (WALNUT CREEK, CA) Apr 11, 2013

Member since Mar 2008

This Most Wanted reboot/rework is all style and no substance.

It's one of the best looking racers out there. It runs on the Frostbite engine that powers Battlefield 3. As you crash (literally) along the roads and through the countryside of the city, your car becomes dirtied and battle-worn, only to be instantly restored with a flash as you drive through a repair shop (at high speed, of course).

But that's where the oohing and aahing ends, because Most Wanted, the remix, is not a very good game, to be honest about it.

The into tells you, in about a minute, that there is a list of people known as the "Most Wanted", and that you are going to be them and become "THE" Most Wanted. The original game from 2005 at least had a plot, and, while it was not very good, it did keep things rolling from one event to another. Most Wanted 2012's reasoning for doing what you are doing, though, is about as engaging as reading an achievement description page for finding ten different kinds of potatoes.

The meat of the gameplay... functions. That's about the best I can praise it for. The car handling feels slow and unresponsive, the AI is rather bad (they almost always crash head first into the wall in slow turns), the race modes are uninspired (probably the most interesting being maintaining a high average speed as you hit checkpoints or evade the cops), and the game cheats often and obviously. You can literally see the cops pop into existence in front of you.

But perhaps the worst part of the gameplay is the feeling of grinding out arbitrary points for arbitrary advancement. Playing through single player feels like work. It's not very rewarding and you will complete the same process over and over; completing the races on offer for each car in sequence from easiest to hardest (the hardest ones are not possible without the mods the lower races award).

It does have multiplayer. If you like multiplayer in Burnout Paradise you may like this.

This one is not for me, howe

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