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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

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I feel the need...

posted by DelRio (LOS ANGELES, CA) Apr 10, 2006

Member since Jul 2003

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When I feel like doing 180 MPH through town with 18 cops chasing me, this is the game I play.

This game is massive, if you get bored with racing head to head with the competition, simply go roam around and cause some havoc. Part of the game entails building up your bounty, which puts you on the police department's blacklist. You want to climb your way to the top of the blacklist and this is no easy task. Cop challenges range from outrunning the cops for a certain amount of time, trading paint with them, busting through roadblocks and outrunning their helicopters.

I’ve been playing this game for a couple weeks straight and I am still not bored with it. With the endless options and upgrades you can do to your car and all of the different challenges from races to cop chases, this game has provided me with countless hours of fun!!!

I was renting this game, but I have now purchased it, it’s one of those games I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of playing.

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Best NFS Yet!

posted by akarimco (Joliet, IL) May 8, 2006

Member since May 2006

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted manages to take the best aspects of the most innovative Need for Speed games and blend them together to create what is easily the best NFS game yet!

So what were those "innovative" NFS games? Well first there was the original Need for Speed, one of the first games to truly and accurately represent real-world cars in a racing game. Specifically, though, the 3DO version, released before the more popular PC, Playstation, and Saturn versions, had a clearly-defined adversary, represented by videos that portrayed a cocky, trash-talking street racer. It gave winning a little more satisfaction than you'd find in other racing games at the time. Then, there was NFS3: Hot Pursuit, which brought the series back after the mediocre second installment, with the inclusion of the incredibly fun Hot Pursuit mode, even allowing you to be the cop if you so chose. The series was riddled by mediocre installments until NFS: Underground was released, offering yet another infusion of fun into the series, adding car modding and fully realizing the concept of street racing.

Most Wanted takes the best aspects of these games and brings them together, all the while improving on the concepts that made its predecessors so great. Most Wanted gives you a defined adversary, brought to life by a motivating storyline that will have you screaming for vengeance. The police chases in Most Wanted are the best in any game I've played, especially with the dramatic music that brings back memories of the Metal Gear Solid series. Of course, your car is also fully modifiable, inside and out. Add to that a well designed and large, free-roaming city, similar to NFS: Underground 2 but more suburban, and what's not to like?

NFS: Most Wanted certainly isn't the most innovative game in the now 12-game-long, 13-year-old Need for Speed series, but it masterfully blends the best innovations of its older siblings, making it easily the most enjoyable Need for Speed game yet.

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This game rules!

posted by FireLover (VENTURA, CA) Jul 31, 2006

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This game doesnt even compare to other need 4 speed games, other games are all about just racing but in this game there are so many options, the story line sounds realistic. The story is ur a street racer workin ur way up the blacklist when you encounter razor calllahan(hes number 1 on the blacklist) you begin the race as normal only to find hes tweaked with ur ride. causing you to lose the race and ur car and this is a nice car too. So after losing your car you buy a ordinary looking car but then get to soup it up and totally trick it out, the game progresses as you slowly make your way up the blacklist till you get to number one and try to get ur car back. You have got to rent this game

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