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the piggEA is hungry

posted by sremoh (MANOR, TX) Nov 27, 2010

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EA, you're losing it. The need for speed concept is absolutely fun. Speeding from cops, crashing and the thrill of beating your friend's best record is just great fun. However, all of your petty rules surrounding this fun, simply squashes it. Unskippable commercials, long introductions, lack of local multiplayer and the lame attempt to squeeze more money from us gamers to play online robs this game of great fun. Replayability mainly comes from competition, therefore, interactivity should have been a top factor when making this game. What's next, a single player MADDEN 12? "It's in the game" will have to change to "It's not in the game (unless you pay)". Your cutting out standard components of the game in order to receive premiums. My guess is that this may work for the short term, but long term? Nah ah. If you were or are in financial trouble, this is yet another step in the wrong direction.

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Non-skippable ads and cutscenes.. IT'S IN THE GAME

posted by damianrock (DULUTH, GA) Nov 17, 2010

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Member since Nov 2007

64 out of 83 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

Here's how the development team meeting went...

Manager - Well we only make the same games over and over, so what should we do this year?

Designer - How about "Hot Pursuit" again?

Manager - Great idea, but instead of improving things, let's take a step back by making it single player. Let's force players to register an email account to play, not let people be able to access online content unless they bought a brand new copy which has an unused code inside the box (or force them to buy one) and give them a free two day trial to entice them.

Designer - But that means Gamefly customers won't be able to play online...

Manager - Gamefly customers can suck it!

Manager - Let's also make all the cars and tracks feel exactly the same, let's have cut-scenes and how-to's you can't skip, and most importantly... let's put an advertisement for another game, in this game, and make players unable to skip it.

Designer - Hmm, that may work... but we also need to add slow motion events like the cops being alerted, that happen in the middle of a turn or oncoming traffic, so that when the action returns players lose control of their cars.

Manager - Now you're catching on. And instead of using our money to make the game fun, let's spend it all on visuals and tv commercials that show "perfect" ratings from people who obviously didn't play the game.

Designer - Sounds like another EA classic!

Me - This game is beautiful, really, but it just isn't fun. After only two days of playing, it's very repetitive and new cars offer little enjoyment. EA is rich, but they still use aggresive methods to ensure you purchase the game, new.

What's funny, is as I'm playing it, I'm watching Comedy Central who is playing commercials for the game non-stop. Commercials that state how awesome it is. The truth is EA sucks, and the reviews giving a perfect score have to be paid off. Maybe.. maybe the online is amazing, and I'll try the free two-day trial, but really EA's own worse enemy is EA.

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EA Drops the ball again

posted by FPQAFormer (RICHMOND, CA) Nov 20, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

19 out of 24 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

When I saw that EA was remaking one of my favorite childhood games I was stoked. When I played it for the first time it was really fun and I was happy. The game play was smooth, there are far less bugs than recent EA racing titles. However the game is only about a third of the way done, so it gets a third of the rating it has the potential of receiving.
There are two modes cops or street racers, this is a really cool feature. Again, however, the game features 20 experience levels for each mode but I finished at level 13 and got the end game credits before I had completed all the missions. The world map was extremely small, compared to other NFS titles like Most Wanted for example the world map is easily three times the size. Hot Pursuit also features a Free Roam for either your cop cars or your street racing cars. (I feel like a broken record) However! The Free Roam mode is precisely that, drive around aimlessly with absolutely nothing to do, no mission, no random speeders or cops to chase or be chased by. To finish this game EA needs to add at least another map area to unlock and some random encounters to the free roam aspect of the game. If I could give EA some advise I would tell them to stop remaking classic games unless they really want to spend the time to make it great. Also what happened to making games with new aspects? NFS: Hot Pursuit has nothing new to offer.
In a nut shell... This game is really fun for the first three hours, then you beat it and you realize what this game really is, LAME.

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