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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit


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Everything I wanted nothing I expected.

posted by JalapenoW (CORAL SPRINGS, FL) May 8, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

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I thought this going to be the average okay racing, bad acting need for speed of recent years. I'm glad to be so wrong.

This game is a racing game for anyone who grew up in the late 90's early 00's part of the PlayStation generation. The era of the original Need for Speed games, a time before tuner cars and stupid subtitles and bands like Bad Religion and Offspring were huge.

This game brings me back the simple cops and outlaws gameplay, but is it really the same? Yes and No Criterion made this one, the people behind the great Burnout series and it shows. You still get the escape the fuzz gameplay, but now you get really over the top and elaborate crashes.

The game is broken into cop and racer missions giving tons of license cars, gadgets to use on fellow racers and over 100 missions with different objectives. The downside, the A.I uses rubber banding meaning no matter how far you are ahead the A.I will catch up to you.

graphics are great and the cars look how they should and like every criterion racing game it gives you a real sense of speed.

sound is exceptional. The engine sounds are pure car p#$n, and the sound track has a great mix from hip hop to alternative rock and it really gives me that 90's feeling.

online multiplayer was untestable- PSN down!

~bottom line~
-Too many timed lap missions

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Need for Something More

posted by BigDaddyBane (LA GRANGE, NC) May 31, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

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This entry into the Need for Speed franchise is brought to us by the people responsible for the widely popular Burnout: Paradise. Let's look at both sides of this.

The Good:
- Cool Cars
- Decent Music
- Interesting Weapons
- Decent Graphics (a few jaggies)
- Nice Environments
- Great Wrecks
- A Reward System
- Weather
- Photo Mode
- Vehicle Specs
- Wreck AI racer

The Bad:

- NPC vehicles stop instead of pulling to the shoulder when a cop nears them.
- Insane catch up system for AI, none for player
- AI can turn on a dime
- Unlimited weapons loadout for AI
- AI cars respawn when cornered by cop
- AI cars take serious amount of punishment not given to player
- Driving the same model car, AI is always faster
- No modifications to cars
- No manual shift
- Road Blocks are unbalanced (When you're a racer, cars cover both sides of the road. When you are a cop, cars cover one side of the road with a wooden barricade in the middle of the road.)
- Helicopters are stupid (Usually drops spikes behind racer if you are a cop)
- Spikes are unbalanced. (They stay where you drop them, AI's track your movement)
- AI has unlimited weapons, you do not.
- Not all unlocked cars usuable after they are unlocked (They are stage dependant)
- Past stage cars are not available
- Forced to watch wrecks and crashes
- Cop time trial (called Rapid Response) has penalty time for hitting, scraping, touching anything.
- Road block cars don't pursue racers after the pass the road block if you are a cop.

This title leaves, not only the Fast and Furious style, but the original style of racing that came before it.

In all they left give the AI too much superiority. You shouldn't have to stop the chase just because a racer finishes his race. You are chasing a suspect until they evade you or they are caught. The cop is not a part of the race. In NFS: HP2 for PS2 you had to evade the cop after the race. I am still waiting for a great non-sim NFS title.

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posted by Tendou (RIVERSIDE, CA) Aug 17, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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It excels everything I thought.

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