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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit


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Bad steering and Pay to Play on Xbox Live

posted by ProzacMan (WESTWOOD, MA) Jan 8, 2011

Member since Mar 2010

16 out of 22 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

Was this game not play tested? The steering is terrible. I swear I'm not mashing down the gas button the whole time. Even at low speeds your car goes across the road when you try to make minor adjustments to your steering. The more expensive a car is the worse it gets. You know a game is bad when a Crown Vic handles better than a Lamborghini Reventon at 80mph. I use to love the Need for Speed games but now they are putting to much effort into making them look pretty and not enough into making them fun games.

If your renting the game, you have to pay EA ten bucks for online multilayer. I know they want to get back some of the revenue from the rental and used game market. On both points. If you don't want Game Stop making all the money on used games than make more quality games like Mass Effect 2 and people won't want to sell them back to the store. If you make quality games as well as Mass Effect 2, people like us that rent form Game Fly will buy the game if it's that good after we rent it! The reason Game Fly is so successful is that there is to much cheap junk like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on the Market or a game might be good to play though once or twice but not much replay value beyond that. All the gaming industry has to do to kill the used market and put game fly out of business is make fun games, that have replay value, and don't treat people that rent your games like criminals. Build a reputation for making good games again and I'll start buying games without renting them first.

Until then make mine Game Fly! If I can't play your game full online multilayer as a rental first, I will not buy your game!

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The last need for speed I will buy

posted by doford (NEW BRAUNFELS, TX) Nov 28, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

11 out of 15 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

From what I understood you were supoosed to be either a bad --- racer or hard case police officier but all I find my self doing is time trials or rapid response races where you are racing against a clock, if I wanted a game like that I wouldnt have traded Shift. I have owned every Need For Speed since way back in the 90's and this as been the far worst one I've ever owned. It has its fun parts when you can be the cop and bust racers or be the racer and out run the cop but those events are few and far between. The racer time trials aren't that bad just to many of them, the rapid response cop races suck, you get a two seconds penalty for hitting a wall and three seconds for hitting traffic (which traffic doesnt even come close to avoiding a collision with or without sirens and lights), I find more and more I will be drifting around a corner and find traffic in both lanes and no where to go or be on a narrow straight and have traffic in both lanes with no choice but to graze a wall. Also the AI cars seem to defy the laws of physics it seems no matter how hard you slam into them you can barely move them, yet your car is more realistic and goes flying when you get hit. The game needs a story line like the past, if they didnt have enough room on one disk maybe they shouldve done a racer disk and a cop disk. I am not sure if I plan to finish this game the time races are so boring and frustrating, I will probably trade it in for something else. I feel very dissappointed I pre-ordered this game and had very high hopes. The creaters failed to deliever

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GF Rating

Really Bad

no 2 player ? ms for online play ?

posted by BANGBANG1N (SOMERSWORTH, NH) Feb 5, 2011

Member since Aug 2009

14 out of 20 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

wow ea you have got to be joking. Why rob people of hard earned cash so they can go online and pay to play the game they just bought and or rented ? What a scummy move thanks but I wont be buying this game after I rent it. the game is a FAIL. plus no 2 player splitscreen lame. EA equals scrubs. Im a huge NFS fan but this game seriously disappointed me.

FAIL for having no split screen.
FAIL for having to pay to play online.
FAIL for the soundtrack.

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