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Need for Speed: Carbon

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NFS Carbon is one not to be missed...

posted by SnwBrdr (EAGLE, ID) Nov 10, 2006

Member since Jan 2005

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NFS Carbon is a racing game that does what it takes to leave a mark.
No longer available is the wanted mode in Carbon. Instead it is replaced by a crew you are able to hire and canyon races done to fight bosses and throughout the game.
The crew consists of three main positions. Blocker, Scout, and Drafter.
Blocker: blocks out other racers while activated and helps widen your lead. Lest used member for me as he can't keep up on the later races.
Scout: shows you every shortcut on the map as you are racing while activated. Good for the most part but hard on newer races and the shortcuts aren't always the best in my eyes.
Drafter: while activated cruises in front of you and gets you extra speed, you can also use it to follow through tight spots. One downfall is while in the draft he/she may lead you into cars and it's also hard to get out of draft once in.
Canyon races are a two part race, first of which you follow you opponent down the canyone and try to stay as close as possible. The closer you are the more points. Second run it's the opposite while you are in front and he/she follows, the closer they are the more points they get. Two ways to win; first is obviously have points left at the end of your second run. Second is to pass him and stay in the lead for at least ten seconds. You can also fly off the edge on some sharp corners which is an automatic loss. Be careful while trying to pass becuse if you bump him you lose 5000 points.
Oline this game is a good racer, and has a few new modes you can play with friends. Modes with cops and what not.
Overall this game is a great one and the replay value is rather high but what NFS game isn't. Get this game from gamefly and then buy it at the pre-played price.

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Above Average

More of the Same

posted by BradLee (SOUTH ELGIN, IL) Nov 26, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

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Need for Speed Carbon really isn't remarkably different in any way from its predecessors. The most significant differences is placing less focus on police chases like from Most Wanted, and the new race mode Downhill Racing. Also, there are more custimization options for creating the car of your dreams; allowing players to "sculpt" certain aspects of the car to give it an even more unique look than before.

The downhill racing is fun, and is the most interesting aspect of Carbon since it is really the only thing new to the series. But, unfortunately, the downhill races are saved only for squaring off against leaders (boss battles, if thats what you prefer to call it). The downhill racing is fun, but I don't feel there was enough focus on it.

I was also disappointed that there was much less focus on police chases than in Most Wanted, since I found that to be the most exciting aspect.

Instead, the street racing is almost the entire focus of Carbon, which is great for fans of Underground, but not so great for fans of Most Wanted.

Ultimately, the game comes down to simply this. Have you had enough yet? If the answer is no, then rent this game. But, if you felt a little burned out with Most Wanted, or another previous Need for Speed game, then there is not enough new content to keep you entertained. Recommended for fans of the series, but otherwise I don't recommend it.

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Very Good

Great!!! but......

posted by yankees (BASKING RIDGE, NJ) Nov 5, 2006

Member since May 2006

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I have to give it up to EA. The auto-scuplture feature is VERY cool. You can take bad looking rims, into 5Zigen or even Konigg rims! They came out with a great follow-up to mostwanted with Carbon. Though it only took me 12 hours to complete the campaign, it was interesting with the territorys and fighting for them. The online play is great, except there should be a patch coming out this week for the lag and connecting to the "EA Nation." If you want a great game where you can customize your cars to the MAX, get this game!

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