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Need for Speed: Carbon


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Waste of time

posted by FastDaddy (REDMOND, WA) Dec 6, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

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Boy was I excited at the prospect of a new NFS title, and boy am I dissapointed. I am a car nut from way back and NFS Underground 2 is my all time favorite racing game. Why? The physics and reactions to tuning are very close to the real world, and I get to do what I bought the game to do...RACE!

Then came NFS Most Wanted and while the concept is good, outrunning the cops gets old VERY fast. This was a big move away from just letting me race.

Now, here comes Carbon. I saw some trailers and did some reading and thought "YES, another great NFS racing game!". Imagine my dissapointment when I fired up my new copy of Carbon in my new Wii and had to sit through a stupid movie to build a story line that is pointless. And no, there is no way, at least with the Wii version, to skip all this junk.

So, an hour later I'm through watching their lame stories, through enduring pointless "trial" runs (should be able to skip all of these if we wish) and am ready to race. I run and win my first race, and other than better graphics and a different city it felt exactly like NFS U2. But, instead of roaming around and unlocking shops to find performance parts I just jump back to the safe house and buy whatever it is I unlocked by winning the race. OK, dull but OK.

Second race. Half way through the cops get after me. I win the race, but have to continue avoiding the cops until I lose them. Second race of the game and I've got 17 police cars chasing me. I eluded them and shut the game off.

So, Electronic Arts worked long and hard on this concept. Take NFS U2, change the city and add a ton of lame movies, incorporate all the police from NFS MW and sell it as the latest and greatest. What a rip off. Get rid of the cops and let me race. I'd much rather have an upgrade to NFS U2 that adds more races. That game was fun and you spent all your time racing. Eluding cops is fun for about five minutes, then it gets old and annoying. Rent NFS U2. Much more fun!

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totaly awesome game!!!!!!!

posted by frow (BLOOMFIELD, MO) Oct 2, 2012

Member since May 2011

The game was great.I own it now.You can make your car exactly how you want it to be like.Best game I ever had so far.

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better than midnight club

posted by nyancat5000 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Sep 2, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

this game is da bomb,its better than midnight club and it is better then test drive unlimited, U NEED DIS GAME IT PWNS AND OWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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