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Need for Speed: Carbon


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Lacking, but a fairly good game.

posted by Bluelava (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Dec 26, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

Carbon was a fun play the first time through. The variety of cars added to the newest addition of NFS was very much appreciated. With muscle cars having a chance to shine along with exotics having a role as well, made the game very refreshing from the usual NFS lineup. The new style of game play the Wii introduced allowed for a very involved setting for the player and the control options available were nice as well. There are many ways to play Carbon as you see fit.

I do have a few peeves though. One major disappointment was the AI difficulty. The cops weren't anything like the cops in Most Wanted, most of the time you could easily outrun them. As far as other racers in the game go, I didn't really start having trouble until I reached the final 3 races of the game; which even then wasn't all that much of a problem.

Another factor was the bumper view, for some reason, I don't know if it was bad programming or meant to be played this way, but when you were in this view, you couldn't hear your engine at all... The only sound you would hear is the whine of the supercharger or the suction of the turbo. That really took my roommate and I out of the game because that view offers the best sense of speed, but when we couldn't hear our engines purr, it was very disapproving.

Also, EA, which is known for the music they integrate into their games was seriously lacking in that department. A 1/3 of the way through the game, we just ended up turing the music off completely because it was just repetitive and not really racing music to begin with.

The customizing feature available isn't as vast as NFSU2, but it makes up for it with being able to use a new feature EA added called "Autosculpting" which allows you to customize your vehicles to the fullest.

Overall, the game was alright, pretty good considering it's a launch title. Don't expect anything along the lines of the original Underground titles, but you can count on a more a Hot Pursuit + Underground play style.

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GF Rating


Cool concept, bad game on the wii

posted by nrfx01 (EDMOND, OK) Dec 21, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

This is the first racing title i've played on the Wii. While i love the system, i cant imagine this genre of games will do very well. With over 8 different control configurations, i couldn't come up with any satisfying way to control my car.

Graphically this games rocks, but the control scheme is twitchy and very unsatisfying. I'll be trying this game again when I land myself a 360.

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A Fair Game.

posted by weirdal (PONCA CITY, OK) Dec 19, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

I really haven't played this game yet, but I watch my brother play it. I see him crash into walls a lot, but I still like it a little. He is good at this game.

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