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Naval Assault: The Killing Tide


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The controls work

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Jun 17, 2010

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Not really anything else nice to say about the game.

Graphically it is about on par with the first Silent Service game, the ships have a sort of distinct shape though really the only major difference is the size of them.

There is an interesting water streaming off the periscope effect when you switch to it, though when you find yourself looking at the same background as every other mission and grey shapes that are supposed to be the different ships you rather stop caring how well they got the water streaming.

There are mines in the water for some missions, hitting the chain detonates the mine and damages your ship. This happens if it is on the surface and you are at the lowest you can take your submarine. When there are mines the enemy ships completely ignore the mines and you find you can not launch a torpedo through a mine field and hit anything but mines that seem to stay there after detonating a torpedo.

By far the biggest problem is the iffy coding, sometimes you stop a ship dead in it's tracks no matter where you actually see the detonation of the torpedo. What a ship is does make a difference on how many torpedoes it takes, but not in a consistent manner, hitting an oil tanker in the oil should make for one big explosion and one destroyed tanker. It does not, the small ships take one torpedo, tankers frigates and cruisers take two torpedoes, battleships apparently take over four torpedoes and do not care where you hit them.

Might be fun multiplayer, single player is basically worthless, you see the same background, the same ships every mission, there is no actual difference between the missions except some you have to be quiet and others it seems makes no difference.

Basic controls, three depths for your submarine, surface submerged and deep. One torpedo launcher to start, you get stars by how much tonnage you sink per mission to unlock other submarines.

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posted by ir1337 (ALLENTOWN, PA) Jun 19, 2010

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I've been playing this game a lot lately because of my frustration with MW2 and this game is almost as frustrating. My biggest problem with it is the fact that the enemy ALWAYS knows where you are. Even if you are at a green light(that means the enemy doesn't know where you are) they still manage to drop depth charges on you. Also Depth charge + Minefield=Dead submarine. You can't even avoid a depth charge in a minefield.

Some of the missions are nearly impossible even on easy mode. The frigates always know where you are so if you go to periscope depth to fire a torpedo you die extremely quickly.

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One word review

posted by unblinkingeye (TOMBALL, TX) Feb 13, 2011

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One word sums up this game (play, graphics, sound, story): HORRIBLE. Do yourself a favor and get Battlestations: Midway instead!

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