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Very Good

give it some time

posted by boomdizzle (TOPEKA, KS) Jul 3, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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the game with maybe the best trailers of the year has finally arrived! The concept of being an angry teddy bear hunting down and brutaling killing them is a very good one. when I started playing it seemed pretty awesome but after about 5 minutes pulling cuddles (one of the bears) out of a car and smashing his face in the car door seems genaric. there are a few different weapons, baseball bat, ax, hatchet magnum, stick, etc. each one having only one way to finish the bears off. the game also freezes from time to time. within the first hour I was ready to send it back. but for some reason I kept playing. a little while later I realized that it wasent about how violent you can be, Its about how much you can scare the bears, get points, get better trophies to unlock more chalenges and improving your score. if you just grab a machette and beat up every bear you see you probably wont like the game very much. mix it up and be original, you might just find a decent game.

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Cool concept, boring gameplay

posted by cernunnos (GAINESVILLE, FL) Jul 20, 2010

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After about 1.5 hours of playing Naughty Bear I had enough. It was quite amusing at first but having to go back and replay the same scenarios over again just so I could accumulate enough points to move on with the campaign was a real downer. I see why they did this though, otherwise this game would be a 2 hour game. Wish I could have just played straight through the campaign and avoided all the boring challenges. The camera did not bug me as others have suggested. Sure, the shooting was weak but then again, this isn't a shooter. It is priceless to see a fellow bear beat the stuffing out of himself because you scared him so badly but this gets old after you've seen it a few times. I'm sure there are other priceless moments further along in the campaign but I did not have the patience or desire to sit through the challenges. This could have been amazing, instead, just another bargain bin addition.

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posted by Naughtiest (SUPERIOR, WI) Jul 22, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

23 out of 35 gamers (66%) found this review helpful

Ok just like everyone else has said: good idea, poor execution. The game is repetitive, frustrating and annoying. Each weapon has one kill animation; you would think they could have put at least three each. There are challenges that just irritate you, like playing an entire level without taking damage. And the audio is just annoying! All of it!

I wouldn't recommend waiting for this game. I would maybe get it if you were really bored of other games, otherwise avoid it completely.

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