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Neat concept but gets old quick

posted by SurfFreak (LAGUNA BEACH, CA) Jul 22, 2010

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Games like this are the reason I belong to Gamefly. This is a fun little game that is worth a try but I would have been unhappy if I had to pay for it. Anyway, you are a bear that has been outcast by the other bears and now you want revenge. Great concept! unfortunately the game doesn't deliver. Sure its good for a few laughs but beating bears to death gets old pretty quick. This game could have been so cool if they had added more complex traps and tricks. Why not rig their toilet with a bomb, etc, etc,. Maybe Naughty Bear 2 will be better.

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Great idea, naughty execution

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Jul 1, 2010

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505 Games had a nifty idea when they came up with the idea of "Naughty Bear". The whole premise of a rogue teddy bear, terrorizing and eliminating his fellow bears, was ripe with the promise of macabre humor and some twisted, demented fun. Sadly, the developers were naughty themselves and released this game as it is. Maybe with more polish... Or different developers...Well, something more needed to be done before putting this out on store shelves. Controls aren't too bad, but the camera is horrible, often keeping you from seeing what's going on around you. Graphics are okay, as the cartoony style suits this type of game, but they're nothing to write home about. The gameplay itself is very repetitious, and the kill animations , while amusing at first, get old fast. The narrator is quite annoying, and seems to strive to be a Monty Pythonesque type character but isn't anywhere near as funny. Rent this only if you want to check out the premise (or if you have a hankering for beating the snot out of teddy bears), but don't waste your money on a purchase. That would be naughty of you, indeed.

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posted by jalapeno (COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA) Jul 1, 2010

Member since Jan 2009

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

Here's the thing with this game. You play the first level and think "spicy melons! This is awesome!" Then you play the same level, except with a different set of rules... and again and again and you think "Jeez, is this really all there is? HORRIBLE." Then you get a costume that lets you walk among the bears until they see you doing something naughty. After that you've got plenty of hours to revel in your new-found anonymity. Then you get bored. You get sick and tired of seeing the same kill animations and the lag and the camera and just how freaking repetitive it is. Fortunately the levels are short and you can tackle them any way you want. It's also not very hard to get gold in most levels. Trophy/Achievement hunters should like this game--the challenges require a fair amount of effort and strategy and will bug you when you JUST miss them. It's a good game to play when it's convenient to, as long as you stay away from the multiplayer. When you're mad, it's easy to just come in and obliterate some teddy bears. But once you get platinum on all the levels (there are only 7) then not a lot remains. They even try to disguise the short length of the game by having 4 challenges per level. So you play the same level 5 times each just with a different set of rules. This game should get about a 40% critically. It offers some fun but all the buts knock it down that one point. But everyone, especially users will have different opinions. Mine is a 7 just cause I love destroying some fluffy teddy bears for hours on end because even though it's very repetitive I find it fun. Not great, but entertaining. I suggest to rent it and at least try it--for 3 hours at least.

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