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Worth your attention and time!

posted by RunOrDie21 (BROOKLYN, NY) Jul 24, 2014

Member since May 2014

This game coves the story from the start to the end.
Doesn't cover all the arcs but cover all the major points of the games. If you want to refresh your memories then this a good way to do it.
The combat system is easy to get use to, however, the battles and mission are fairly easy to beat, only took me 48 hours to complete 100% of the game.
You do get side missions, and they are the reason why the game is worth to play, because gives you a break and allows you to do other activities.
If you want to get into Shippuden arc but you are not sure what happened in naruto then play this, this will bring back the memories :).
I just wish that the battles were a little harder to beat.

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Run around, battle, minigame... again and again...

posted by angryarmytony (FAIR OAKS, CA) Feb 3, 2014

Member since Sep 2013

I used to be largely into the Naruto series and this game brought many happy flashback moments... at least at first... This game follows the tv show very closely and has very little missing from it along with an area to free roam in. The area to free roam in has little to nothing to do, basically you collect seals, find "hidden" items, and destroy breakable objects which was dulled out beyond longer than need be. I felt little to know reason to play the story given that it is just the tv series (however poorly executed) where most of the time you will be forced to play as characters whom you have never had a chance to at least practice with. Given that you are not allowed to do story missions until you have earned enough exp from side missions which are not involved in the story, are these at least fun to do or interesting? Maybe at first but since you will most likely have to replay a few to earn more exp you will most likely get bored with them very quickly. On the upside the graphics feel right, they are a nice generic comic book feel which is perfect for a Naruto game. Combat feels lacking, I enjoy the wide open areas to duke things out but all the combat really revolves around throwing as many shurikans as possible or land a large combo to really take out as much health as quickly as possible meaning that as the AI gets tougher the more annoyed you will become in combat and the more you will spam the enemy with weapons and ninjutsu. The minigames are fairly fun at times and are definitely a nice change of pace from the disorienting fast combat.

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posted by gamester5 (COLUMBIA, SC) Oct 2, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

this game is great. i love anime and stuff and nothing beats Naruto i would recommend this to other people who like games like this

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