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NOT perfect... but still fun

posted by aerophex (CENTENNIAL, CO) Nov 10, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

Wow all the 10's have got to be biased reviews... this game is far from perfect.

I love Naruto but have not played many of the games, this is my first on the Sony platform (nintendo and 360 I have played). I would give this closer to a 6.5 but I rounded up cuz it is Naruto.

Graphics: 8/10. Lackluster at best. Konoha feels like a cardboard cutout. It just doesn't feel alive. Fight animations are mostly good but noticed choppiness/lag during heavy action.

Sound: 5/10. Thankfully I can select Japanese voices. But they use sound effects from BUSHIDO BLADE 2 from PS1 from ... 1998ish???? As soon as the game started up and I heard BB2 sounds I rofl'ed and almost cried too. It was truly sad. Very few character voices but the ones they have are voiced by the real actors.

Story: 7/10. They cut n paste pieces of the first few arcs together into missions. If you don't know the story by now, go watch the anime. But no Haku and whatshisface sucks.

Gameplay: 6/10. Load load load short mission load load load. This is how a lot of the time is spent and is boring. A mission that takes less than a minute to complete takes 20 seconds to load then 15 seconds to exit out of. Camera controls are slow and frustrating as well.

This is not just a straight figher like the Nintendo (GC and wii) titles, it tries to be action / adventure with races and other challenges. If you do not have a 360 rent it cause it is Naruto and it is fun. If you have a 360 get Rise of a Ninja and/or Broken Bond when it comes out. This one will hold me over till BB is available. Otherwise SKIP

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The best, hopefully more to come.

posted by Egosaurus (Sunnyvale, CA) Nov 9, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

Well, the games graphics are phenomenal, and the frame rate is so fluid, the controls are easy to master and pretty soon you develop tactics when fighting, which made it feel more like the manga, not like those arcade fighting games where you just mash button.
It uses same format as The ultimate ninja games before this, only its a 3d platform, unlike the other ones which are 2d. Another improvement is that the ultimate jutsus are actually Real-Time, as in, the move you activate is actually done in the area your in, not in some other area that your not even near(I'm referencing to Ultimate ninja 3 especially)

If your a Naruto fan, i strongly suggest renting this game, or buying, so don't listen to those people giving it a bad score simply because of the loading screen or some personal problem they have with the manga.

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GF Rating


Stunning, but a tad shallow

posted by Diimoh (SAINT ALBANS, NY) Nov 8, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

I may sound a little bias here since i know nothing about the characters, the show, or the manga, but the game seems a little overrated as a fighter. the graphics are phenomenal and its easy to pick up and play, if you like mashing on your controller incessantly. But I was not aware half of the game has you running around town collecting all kinds of trinkets and tokens; speaking to npc's with all kinds of assumed esoteric banter i just don't get. Not a bad fighter and it was fun when it was time to kick some butt, but seems some of the extra content is lost on me; fans would probably enjoy this more.

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