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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

posted by Capcom4eva (WAYCROSS, GA) Dec 5, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

35 out of 36 gamers (97%) found this review helpful

First off, I would like to say this game is excellent, however it is not perfected yet. I believe the sequel will bring it to perfection.

On the positive side Naruto looks great on the PS3. I have played a lot of Naruto games and I have to say this is definitely one of the best, the graphics are superb, it's very difficult to tell the difference between gameplay and a cutscene. The fighting mechanics follow its predecessors. A nice variety cast of the Naruto characters are in it with bonus content such as extra jutsu's, costumes, etc. Most importantly, it follows the story well, not completely but well, and it is just a fun game to play with your friends.

On the negative side, this game has no online play. A lot of the missions you do are fun, but at times are very repetitious and seem like a chore. Also a line up of extra characters are available for download in the future, but only as support characters which is a let down. Finally, without online play, if you live in a area where there is no competition or people who want to play you, then there really isn't a reason to play it unless you are a die hard Naruto fan who must have every Naruto game on his or her shelf. This game is a definite rent, and your choice if you love it enough to buy, but please I urge you to rent it first and check it out even if you are not a fan of the anime.

Final Score 8/10

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Naruto You Knucklehead!

posted by KamiTsu (NEWARK, NJ) Feb 6, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

9 out of 9 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I LOVE NARUTO (the manga and anime, not the boy)! This game is hands down the best naruto game out there now, despite of broken bond's useless attempt to beat ninja storm out! Though the story mode is sometimes monotonous and the minigames are annoying most of the time, the game is overall just awesome! The fighting is at what i think is graphics maximum (any better and Naruto would look like a real boy, not a cartoon), and to add on, the characters aren't single to one costume. I do believe the combos were a little limited after a few hours of play (to the game masters like me), however, the game's action keeps me coming and it'll do the same to you!

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Awesome all around but free-roam is bit repetitive

posted by rpger19 (ARLINGTON, WA) Dec 3, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

First of all, let me say that this game is BEAUTIFUL! The animation, modeling, and textures all make this look like you're actually watching an anime! They weren't kidding when they said it blurred the barriers of 'video game' and 'anime'. The fighting is very fluid, and everything moves with realistic motion. If you can call Naruto 'realistic', that is. This game is quite amazing, and any fan of Naruto should own it. Although, the one thing that brings this down from a perfect '10', is that the free-roaming mode can get tedious. What you do during it, is travel around the Hidden Leaf Village searching for items that appear after clearing a mission. Free-missions will only supply secret scrolls, which are used to get support techniques, but the story mode will provide either ingredient bags or treasure boxes. Ingredient bags are used to make ramen, so Naruto's chakra can go up. While treasure boxes usually give ninjutsu's for characters to use.
The story nearly follows the Naruto storyline without missing anything, but sadly Haku and Zabuza's arc kind of gets left behind. Other than that, you will experience the entirety of the first Naruto series.
Next, are the battles. Normal combat is quite fun, and you have MANY characters to choose from. There will be downloadable costumes up on the store in the near future, but as of now, only Naruto's is available. Next, we have the 'Giant Battles'. These are epic, and very enjoyable. I won't divulge too much about these, so I don't ruin it.
Next, there's the audio. Thankfully, we are given the chioce to use the original JP VA. Which are done very well, and really help the game. The music will be familiar to watchers of naruto, and I believe that some of it was composed just for this game.
I only regret the character limit on these reviews, cause there is so much more greatness to this game. Bottom line, the game is amazing, but free-roam mode kind of detracts from the experience. Get this game if you have a PS3!

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