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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Infinite Health

Enter the following code

  • While holding R1, press up, down, left, right, select.
    No more damage
2nd Mode

Complete the game with all characters and then do the following in Versus Mode.

  • Chou (super) Chouji
    Highlight Chouji and hold Select.
  • Drunken style Lee
    Highlight Lee and hold Select.
  • Jiroubou 2nd form
    Highlight Jiroubou and hold Select.
  • Kidoumaru 2nd form
    Highlight Kidoumaru and hold Select.
  • Kimimaro 2nd form
    Highlight Kimimaro and hold Select.
  • Kyubi Naruto
    Highlight Naruto and hold Select.
  • Sakon 2nd form
    Highlight Sakon and hold Select.
  • Sasuke 2nd form
    Highlight Sasuke and hold Select.
  • Shukaku (normal size)
    Highlight Gaara and hold Select.
  • Tayuya 2nd form
    Highlight Tayuya and hold Select.
Unlock all characters and moves

Enter the following at the main menu.

  • Hold R1 R2 then tap Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Left, Up, Left, Up
    Unlock all characters and moves
Unlock everybody but Hanabi and 4th hokage

Enter the following while playing the game.

  • Hold R1+R2 then press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle. Then hold L1+L2 and press Right, Up, Right, Up. Then press L3+R3 at the same time.
    Unlock everybody but Hanabi and 4th hokage