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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations


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posted by TrophyBoost (NEW YORK, NY) May 28, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

Unless you are a die-hard fan of the series, you will not have the patience required to try to play this game. The latest update, Vers.1.01 downladed, said corrupted. I deleted and retried, then it froze at 51% loading. I deleted the install and save file, and re-did. Same thing, over and over and over again. Dont believe me.... google it. For the lucky few who even get the opportunity to play; they are plagued with freezing... some even end up having to delete their saves in order to continue. Only fanboys will vote differently than this... I have played over 350 games on my ps3 alone, and have never had this happen. Maybe I have a bad disc, but google kind of proves that this game is bugged. Renter beware.

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can be a frantic fun game and a frustrating one

posted by Ricky_keim (SOMERSET, CA) Feb 27, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

lots of characters from the Naruto universe and a good selection from the shippuden series in the story mode it handicaps you on purpose so that can lead to a lot of frustration but fun can be had and lots of different combos of characters can be used to create some variety with the roster. the battles can be frantic and can get crazy but it can be fun too

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not worth the rent

posted by nonames (EAST ELMHURST, NY) Feb 23, 2013

Member since Oct 2004

the gameplay gets very old very fast. the game difficulty is all out of whack, and the combat system is poorly done. here is naruto's attack combo OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,
here is another naruto combo OOOOleftOOOOOOO.
how about skills? triangle then circle. super attack? triangle then circle, that is of-course if the super attack decides to work, as older naruto i have tried to do demon fox rasengan and only got a normal one, and yes, my chakra was full. as for the ai, even on super easy mode the AI will destroy you. i got up to the kakashi vs itachi fight in the young Naruto storyline and couldn't even get him down to half health. also, this game is one big contest to see who gets the last substitution jutsu off. you go to do a "combo", the enemy substitutes, then "combos" you, then you substitute, this goes back and forth till one of you runs out of substitutions. your team mates are also useless. in the itachi fight you get asuma and kurenai. asuna does a small smoke cloud attack (which the AI dodges easilly) and kurenai does some stupid invisible flower walking technique, which ofcourse, the ai dodges. kisame (itachi's partner) does a shark water torpedo attack, good luck dodging that. as for the story, you get to do 2-3 of the big fights from each chapter of the anime (the least they could do was let you go on missions from the anime,playing through the story of naruto and naruto shippuden) .All in all this is a bad game. if you want deep combat, go play mortal combat, or one piece: pirate warriors. go get something better, get dark souls, metal gear solid 4, or even little big planet 2.

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