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What happened here so many missing parts!?

posted by jimasu28 (HIGH POINT, NC) Apr 10, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

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In the first two games there was so much offered in the single player game. Something that was really great about the first two and especially the first one was the great single player modes. The second one had true boss battles that separated that particular fight from all normal fights. Also there were mini games that added to the character of the game to give it a feel of being a true part of the anime.

Another aspect that I personally miss is the fact that there is no cinematic for repelling or countering the super attack. Again that is just something that gives the player more of a feel of the way the anime works.

The last thing that I miss personally is the game bonuses for completing the fights in the game. They have bonuses but they are virtually the same.

Overall I did enjoy this game and being able to have characters such as Haku and the First Hokage that are personal favorites are finally playable characters. However, the game is good overall it was just missing some of the key components that made it so enjoyable in the first two installments.

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Really Bad

Nowhere as good as it's predecessor!

posted by D0CT0R (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) Mar 14, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

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I loved Naruto Ultimate Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and it's only flaw was the matching system for ranked games. I would've thought that they fixed some of the issues with the sequel... but I was let down the instant I played. I found that it was WORSE!

The Multiplayer system takes more time to connect to an opponent than you actually spend fighting the match.

1) First you have to either host or search; if you search then you have to choose a filter and if you choose best connection, by the time it takes to generate a list they will all be full.

2) PLUS if you click on A SINGLE room that's full, then the entire list gets forcefully dumped and you have to wash, rinse, repeat until you find a room.

3) If you search for same level players then it will only show a few people usually with a bad connection.
IF you join a room with a bad connection then the entire match will be choppy as the "Transmitting..." window shows up every few seconds.

4) If you HOST then you will probably get a player that is a WAY higher level than you are and usually get pounded. Once the matches are over there is no option to search for connections, host or even go back to the ranked lobby. (Like you could do in UNS2)

5) It also warns you every time that you will loose the replay if you leave, by the time you go through the song & dance again you have spent more time in menus than in a game.

6) In UNS2 you could see what character(s) each player was choosing and respond accordingly, in Generations you are picking blind so you get matches where you are playing a character that is completely superior to theirs & vice versa or you are playing the same characters and the match is really boring.

7) The Story mode in UNS2 had open areas you ran around in, Generations is just anime clips with battles in between.

8) As far as I can see ALL of the boss battles/quick-time event style of battle are all gone, one of the things I liked.

They had a perfect formula & IMO they messed

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Above Average

Going backwards instead of forwards.

posted by Alugami (JERSEY CITY, NJ) Mar 15, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

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We all love our anime, respectively, and just like we hate it when big movie companies come in and destroy what we love about our favorite shows, we also hate it when games don't live up to their show counterparts. More so in games because this is where it really matters. You're thrust-ed into a world and expect to be able to play to the fullest of the creators ability. This is not the fullest of their ability. As someone who has owned all three Naruto Ultimate Storm games I am very disappointed with its latest installment, and here's why.

(Yes I jacked this format from GI, its the best one for reviews, bleh.)

Concept: Take Naruto and 72-playable characters and stick them in a game where they brawl until their heads fly off.

Graphics: Use the same exact character models from the first two games and then add a couple more. Take the environments from the first two games and then... add two more.

Sound: All your favorite sounds and superb acting from both English and Japanese voice actors.

Entertainment: You might find this entertaining if you just play with someone in your household.

Playability: Playing online usually results is spamers, and playing single player results in NPCs who have way to much boosts which often results in lowering the difficulty. Once you beat the story mode and gain all 72 characters you won't touch the single player again.

Replay: Moderate

There are several reasons I say this game has gone backwards from its first predecessor. In the original games you were given three health bars, sideways wall fighting, button mashing, not limited substitutions and a functioning, unique, single player. This game, like the one before it, takes all these exciting elements, previously not given in any other Naruto game and trashes them. The single player looks like it was done by someone who doesn't even care... "Here we've sectioned off fights in the Naruto universe and everyone you fight gets a + attack bonus for whatever reaso

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