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not worth the rent

posted by nonames (EAST ELMHURST, NY) Feb 23, 2013

Member since Oct 2004

the gameplay gets very old very fast. the game difficulty is all out of whack, and the combat system is poorly done. here is naruto's attack combo OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,
here is another naruto combo OOOOleftOOOOOOO.
how about skills? triangle then circle. super attack? triangle then circle, that is of-course if the super attack decides to work, as older naruto i have tried to do demon fox rasengan and only got a normal one, and yes, my chakra was full. as for the ai, even on super easy mode the AI will destroy you. i got up to the kakashi vs itachi fight in the young Naruto storyline and couldn't even get him down to half health. also, this game is one big contest to see who gets the last substitution jutsu off. you go to do a "combo", the enemy substitutes, then "combos" you, then you substitute, this goes back and forth till one of you runs out of substitutions. your team mates are also useless. in the itachi fight you get asuma and kurenai. asuna does a small smoke cloud attack (which the AI dodges easilly) and kurenai does some stupid invisible flower walking technique, which ofcourse, the ai dodges. kisame (itachi's partner) does a shark water torpedo attack, good luck dodging that. as for the story, you get to do 2-3 of the big fights from each chapter of the anime (the least they could do was let you go on missions from the anime,playing through the story of naruto and naruto shippuden) .All in all this is a bad game. if you want deep combat, go play mortal combat, or one piece: pirate warriors. go get something better, get dark souls, metal gear solid 4, or even little big planet 2.

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posted by capnhist (BEAVERTON, OR) Aug 6, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

Even on very easy this game avoids all pretension of giving you a fair fight, becoming controller-breakingly frustrating almost immediately. Avoid it.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Nowhere as good as it's predecessor!

posted by D0CT0R (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) Mar 14, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

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I loved Naruto Ultimate Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and it's only flaw was the matching system for ranked games. I would've thought that they fixed some of the issues with the sequel... but I was let down the instant I played. I found that it was WORSE!

The Multiplayer system takes more time to connect to an opponent than you actually spend fighting the match.

1) First you have to either host or search; if you search then you have to choose a filter and if you choose best connection, by the time it takes to generate a list they will all be full.

2) PLUS if you click on A SINGLE room that's full, then the entire list gets forcefully dumped and you have to wash, rinse, repeat until you find a room.

3) If you search for same level players then it will only show a few people usually with a bad connection.
IF you join a room with a bad connection then the entire match will be choppy as the "Transmitting..." window shows up every few seconds.

4) If you HOST then you will probably get a player that is a WAY higher level than you are and usually get pounded. Once the matches are over there is no option to search for connections, host or even go back to the ranked lobby. (Like you could do in UNS2)

5) It also warns you every time that you will loose the replay if you leave, by the time you go through the song & dance again you have spent more time in menus than in a game.

6) In UNS2 you could see what character(s) each player was choosing and respond accordingly, in Generations you are picking blind so you get matches where you are playing a character that is completely superior to theirs & vice versa or you are playing the same characters and the match is really boring.

7) The Story mode in UNS2 had open areas you ran around in, Generations is just anime clips with battles in between.

8) As far as I can see ALL of the boss battles/quick-time event style of battle are all gone, one of the things I liked.

They had a perfect formula & IMO they messed

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