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Can it surpass Storm 2's high quality?

posted by Frazzleberry (FREEVILLE, NY) May 18, 2012

Member since May 2011

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In short, no.

Storm 2 had several things that were PERFECT and it's odd that they'd throw them out for a sequel.

Here are some -'s

1. They removed boss fights.
To me the boss fights were the perfect way to end a chapter in the story mode in Storm 2, you'd fight a couple normal fights through the story chapter and finally you would have this amazing boss fight with epic quick time event cinematic.

2. They removed the chapter styled story mode and replaced it with a 'pick one of eleven characters and watch a narrated slideshow that recaps their story'. I know they had to get rid of the adventure mode and the CG for the expanded character roster but it really gets rid of the emotion that Storm 2 nailed perfectly.

3. They didn't fix the Multiplayer. Leaderboards are still broken with over a hundred people with maxed out points, people are still using cheap exploitable character combinations. And maybe this was just my connection but I felt some input delay.

There are some +'s to the game.

1. The studio that produces the Anime lent themselves to create 60 minutes of original high movie quality Anime cutscenes which are used in the opening and ending of each of the eleven character stories.

2. 50+ Characters and 10+ exclusive assist characters, bringing in the Series 1 characters and some from the next Story Arc.

3. In Storm 2 you pretty much just beat the story mode and did some quests to get more ninja tools and letters from fellow ninjas. This game introduces Survival and Tournament modes which will give you an additional 20+ hours if you want to complete it all! z

In the end though Storm 2 is a much better video game, not just for fans but newcomers to the series. Generations is pretty much just targeted for the fans and it kind of hurts the experience in my opinion.

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The Nerfed the ---- out of this game&a

posted by Crankydil (VANCOUVER, WA) Mar 27, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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I have played the Naruto game that was befor this garbage they have put out. I played the other naruto shippuden for about 2 years. The only thing they did good on this new piece of garbage game is the amount of players to choose from. There is really no story to the game it just rehashes bits and pieces. You now have a stupid gauge where you can only Sub- 4 or 5 times-- THEN YOUR--- out of luck as the other player beats a huge combo on you more than once befor your SUB gauge builds up again And ADDING to that they can break their combo to a dash and repeat the combo leaving them with a full Sub Guage. And for the other players you can choose from shouldnt really even be there they suck so bad. You cant see who the other player is picking when you online match and this is on any mode Vs. There is two different ranked ways to be played. One is like befor and the other can make your player even more" over powered" . Players can get tool belts and put ten explosive cards it the tools making them explode you all over the place. This game is very disappointing to the one befor it.

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Played the last one, disappointed.

posted by TheFactSphere (SAINT AUGUSTINE, FL) Mar 14, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

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I'm going to start off by stating the title again, I played the last game in this series. Naruto Ultimate something something 2, and I really got a feel for the RPG-ish story line which I ended up really liking.

So basically this game has dumped all that it worked for the last game in favor of a fight-to-fight basis with no boss fights. It now favors an incomplete narrative told be the worlds least interesting voice actor and some cut scenes with 90% of the actual dialogue taken out.

There are....7 or 8 I believe total story's, some only 3 fights long while others seem to go on forever, repeating fights from other storys, (I'm looking at you, Raven boy.) They have no difficulty choice until the fourth time your face becomes the new decoration for the ground. It starts you the first battle at a nice place but the difficulty curve decided that it was going straight up after that, with some rounds enemies being 3v1 with a +90 attack bonus.

Supplementing it with this many characters is nice, if not underwhelmed by the fact that the same 3 characters are still overpowered and constantly used.
(Cough cough Deidara.) Other than that I have no complaints about the characters, it's very widely spread with a whole lot of choice.

Voice acting is what you'd expect from this game, nothing all too special.

Some of the cut scenes have horrid lip-syncing, but that may just be because they hastily translated it from Japanese. (At least I hope they did? There is no excuse for a characters mouth not even moving.)

Overall not a /bad/ game, but certainly not the best story-wise.

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