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Very Good

Fun but Frustrating

posted by gopreds303 (ANTIOCH, TN) May 30, 2012

Member since May 2012

Well, to echo what a lot of other reviewers said... there is a certain level of frustration along with this game. This game wants you to be almost perfect in later levels. Basically the enemy in later 'episodes' has +100 attack or +80 defense. Rather than ramp up the difficulty, they chose to do this. While I dont necessarily say this is a deal breaker... it had me cursing out loud. Either way, graphics, ultimates, combo's, and backgrounds are both familiar, and polished.

That said my only 2 gripes comes from the story side, and from multiplayer. Story side... WHY THE heck did they remove boss battles? That was like the whole 'fun' of battling the last enemy in a stage. So frustrating to see that most of this was done, and poorly in some cases, via cut-scenes from the anime. Though that was nice to see HD scenes ... not what I liked.

Lastly and the reason I only kept this game for a short period of time, NOBODY IS PLAYING ONLINE! That will and DOES kill the game. Enough about that.

For you Achievement Hunters, I was able to play through all the main story modes in one night... it will net you around 300 GS.

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GF Rating


A little frustrating, but fun

posted by DeusEverto (FAIRFIELD, CA) Apr 26, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I rented this game, because I love the Naruto fighting games. However, this game was just frustrating.

- Lots of characters. There's 70+ characters, and they all have a unique skillset.
-Substitution can no longer be spammed, thanks to the substitution bar. No longer requires chakra.
-Goes up to the Kage Summit. Although the manga is much farther, it's nice to see them get farther and farther in these games.
-The Achievements are extremely easy to get, and can all be obtained through the Story and different Free Battle Modes(Survival and Tournament).
-The Story Mode is MUCH BETTER than Storm 2's. You don't have to walk all over the place. You can skip the cut-scenes and go right into the fight.
-Survival and Tournament are nice touches to the Free Battle mode.
-While doing a combo, if you do a Chakra Dash, you can basically start your combo over, and it helps to counter substitution.

-Somehow enemies are able to turn around in mid-air and still attack you.
-Sometimes, substitution doesn't really do anything but just bring you back to where you were in the first place.
-I've played as every single character, multiple times, and still have not gotten the "Ninja Lover" Achievement, which is obtained for "Playing as every lead character.", which I have done.
-Somehow even through substitution, while they're using a normal Jutsu, their character will turn around and still hit you, while they were facing the opposite direction. Very frustrating.
-Opponent's seem to regenerate their substitution much faster than you.
-Some characters have alternate costumes, but same attacks.
-Some Ultimate Jutsu's seem almost impossible to hit(Taka Sasuke, Kakashi)

I would love to see a mode where each player can have tons of health and chakra regenerating slowly on it's own. That would make some fights a lot more fun. Less Chakra, more fighting, actual skill.

Overall this game is fun, and it's a must-get for Naruto Lovers.

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GF Rating



posted by Suigetsu22 (GOOSE CREEK, SC) Apr 16, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I loved everything about this game. Had great characters and story line and love the new substitution bar all in all great game

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