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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2


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Its Alright

posted by VampPsy (ROBINSON, IL) Nov 16, 2010

Member since Jan 2008

Just so you know I haven't played the first game because I don't have a ps3. I am a huge naruto fan but I am a gamer first.

My Pros.
A lot of good characters
Easy to follow the story line ( if you are a naruto fan this can be a pro or a con )
Pretty easy to the controls.
Great Graphics
Also you can pick between japense or english voices(i choose the japanese voices cause I think they are better)
A lot of collectibles if you like that thing (Also can be a con if not your thing)

1)The multi-player online (Can be a pro but listen to my cons on it). The multi-player is a big con for me for this one reason everyone either use Sasuke, Pain, or The fourth hokage which can all be cheap characters with their combos online.
2) A big let down in the single player is that it's got pre-rendered camera angles of each part if the cities in the game.
3) Not so much of a con but more of a fix for the 2nd con they should of made it a sandbox wit a camera you control instead of pre-rendering the camera. Reason I say that was because the open sand box style I like I think Naruto: Raise of a ninja done that real well.

Bottom Line:
You'll either like it or hate it depending on how you like to play. I mean I think it was a good game just didn't feel like finishing it cause I knew the story line which I think was a problem for me. Like I said in cons the pre-rendered landscapes kinda turned me off to, but the biggest problem for me was trying to play the multiplayer which just infuriated me the most. I mean so many people just used the fourth hokage,sasuke,or pain a lot and usually had some super powered team mates that were also cheap with them. I think they should have been nerfed a bit to equal it out. I mean sasukes lighting blade ultimate takes most of your life in one hit. The same can be side for the fourths rasengen combo to.

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GF Rating



posted by firegamer4 (CORAM, NY) Nov 15, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

The game was made well with all the characters you could ever want to play as. The adventure mode however can seem long with the fights being few and far between at times. The world is large and traveling to tasks and story scenes can be very time consuming and may bore those who aren't harcore fans of the series. Sooo in other words pretty good for shippuden fans but not good for those just looking for a fighter/anime title.

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Story Mode and Gameplay

posted by Legacy718 (FRESH MEADOWS, NY) Oct 26, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Tedious story mode with a bare roster on versus mode, which you have attain certain amount of points to earn the characters, So even if you beat them you don't necessarily get them. Then you are limited to the moves you can use during story mode ... I find the one attack button and jump button similar to super mario... Really didn t have the patients to play it after I saw how long I had to play just to unlock pain. The Graphics are amazing

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