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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2


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GF Rating


Excellent(may contain spoilers about story arcs)

posted by Cloud324 (HOPEWELL JUNCTION, NY) Oct 22, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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Let me start off by saying i am a huge naruto fan and am very familiar with the story and chrachters of naruto which might affect whether or not you will like the game i did buy the game since gamefly did not send me it and i did not feel like waiting 3 weeks and not getting a game just to wait to get this so i bought it ok so naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 is nothing like your typical fighter like tekken or street fighter it gives you full control over the stage you are fighting on being able to move quickly around it there are 40 chrachters in the game which are all fun to play as and work just like they would in the anime there are about 40 chrachters in the game and all of the akatsuki members except zetsu are in the game but for the most part if you have a favorite chrachter he or she will be in the game the fighting in the game is very smooth with each player having one jutsu which is usually some kind of elemental attack which uses chakra(energy bar) then you have your ultimate jutsu which uses even more chakra and deals more damage each charachter can also enter awakening move for some charachters it can completely change there fighting style others barely changing at all for example naruto can turn into the 4 tailed fox in his awakening which is a huge diffrence but some chrachters like sakura will only get stronger attacks and 1 or 2 new combos each charachter also has ninja tools they can use which are in limited supply and shurikens to throw which are unlimited and each chrachter also has about 5 to 7 combos including awakening mode combos and one throw for each charachter this game has a online feature which allows you to play online with people around the world via xbox live or psn.Lastly the story goes from the beginning of shippuden when naruto gets back home from jirayas training to the destruction of the leaf village in the end this game is a must for any naruto fan and i reccomend it for people who are not as well just because it is that good

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GF Rating

Very Good

Living the anime

posted by SamuelJTJ (BRONX, NY) Dec 3, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Ultimate ninja storm 2 fight system is the closest to the anime that i've ever seen. Kudos to the developers. Naruto fan or not if u like fast paced fighters. This is for you. Not to mention the story stays true to tyhe anime.

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This game rocks. (May has some spoilers about arc)

posted by Zarkashi (CLEBURNE, TX) Nov 29, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. Hours of fun for you and your friends, and that's the multiplayer, people. The story is about 7-8 hours of gameplay, if you don't do any sidequests. I literally can play this for hours with friends, and I'd say four people is perfect. Loser switches out.
The Good: The Story. It goes through the whole series of Shippuden, minus a few story arcs. (Will of Fire was one I noticed.)
The characters. They all have their skills from the anime/manga.
The combo's. Some of them work in the users Jutsus. One of Kabuto's combo's summons a dead anbu to strike the opponant. I

The Bad: Blocking. Everything but Grabs can be blocked. Wind rasengon? Hold block and it ain't no thang. It does break after continued use, but it will take a full combo. And, say you block someone's justu; they have a second or two animation for standing back up and getting into position, leaving them open for Ult/normal jutsu or a combo.
The Ugly: Substitution. You can Substitute ANYTHING. Hit block at the right moment before getting hit and you're instantly behind them. It does take chakra, but that's easy to get back. It gets pretty silly when you're in a combo just spamming your block buttons.

Over all, it's a great game. You'll have a lot of fun if you beat the campain (Which unlocks most of the characters excluding Killer Bee, Yamato, Taka Sauske, and Lars.) After that it's nonstop matches your friends/ Online matches. Great pick if you get it, hope this helped.

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