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Naruto: Rise of a Ninja


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Very Good

Action-Adventure-Fighting- ... Anime style!

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Oct 31, 2007

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This game is the anime brought to life. It plays like a third-person action-adventure platforming game, but then you suddenly find yourself playing a fighting game once you meet up with some bad guys. It's all done in great graphical style, and it actually looks very much like the anime (like the new Simpsons game actually looks like the Simpsons). It's especially cool for fans of the show, but people that may not know or care about Naruto may very well enjoy it more since they don't already know the plot.

The story follows the first 80 episodes of the anime, so fans will most likely notice more of the little details in the story. At various times throughout the game, there are actually cutscenes straight from the show. It really helps draw you into the story.

You start off running around a big, open city doing random tasks for the townsfolk. Basically, nobody likes you, so you try to change their minds by helping them with various fetch quests, races, and the like. You'll also end up strolling through the forest and beating up bad dudes. And that's where the real fun starts.

The meat of this game is the fighting. It plays like your traditional side-view brawler, like Tekken, Virtua Fighter, etc. but with a much simpler combat system. There's really no complicated button combos - it's all fairly simple punch, kick, and throwing moves. There are special jutsu attacks that you summon by moving your hands around to form different symbols, which is done with the analog sticks. Then you unleash the move, which plays out like a mini-game involving various button presses. It's actually very sweet-looking and entertaining to pull these off.

The fighting system can also be played over Xbox Live, with tournaments and the whole deal.

Basically, every fan of the Naruto anime should check out this game. Non-fans may very well become fans after playing through it. Anyone else who may enjoy some simple fighting game action should also get a kick out of it.

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GF Rating


Naruto lives to rock again

posted by Gamrkid588 (BURTONSVILLE, MD) Nov 16, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

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Naruto Rise of a ninja is the best Naruto game
I've ever played.
This game put's you on Naruto's journey right from the beggining.
You learn almost every jutsu Naruto learns in
exactly the same order as he did on the series.
It put's you right in the feel of the Naruto series.
Naruto rise of ninja is a great game.
I seriously recomend this game to any looking for
fun on X-box360

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GF Rating

Very Good

Not perfect yet still well done

posted by Axlthehntr (SPRINGFIELD, MO) Aug 12, 2008

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Naruto ROAN is a difficult game to review. It for one it is a game that belongs to several catagories rather than just one. It is a Mix between Action/Adventure, Platforming, and Fighting all in one package. Many will be sceptacle of the game simply based on the fact that it is based on an anime series, which in the gaming industry is usaully a bad thing. However, I am glad to say that this game is one of, if not THE BEST ANIME GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED. Let's get started.

For fans of the anime, the story starts off right in the very begining of the series and stretches out to around the end of season 2 concluding the Chunin exams. The story of the game is told via a mix of in game dialogue and clips taken straight from the english version of the anime (though a patch can be downloaded to replace the dubbed voices in the anime scenes, though it will just mute all in game dialogue) The voice acting is a mixed bag. If you hate the anime in english you will hate all of it, if you don't mind it you will be bothered by the horrible quality of acting from some characters, yet others like Naruto are just fine.

Now the important part, the gameplay takes a bit to get used to because it runs off of two different engines. You start out with your standard running and jumping in Naruto's home in the Villiage hidden in the Leaves (Konoha) In these platforming areas you do no fighting, only run through obsticles and it is all very fun and enjoyable. Combat is handled kind of like an RPG where an enemy jumps out at you and then your surprised with a full fledged fighting game scenerio. You have your standard combos like punches and kicks, and then you have your special moves or Jutsus (as the game spells it). These technichs are fun to pull off becase they are activated by holding the L Trigger and presing two directional combonations with both joysticks to mimic hand signes. Works great.

Will please fans and newcomers alike.

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