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Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade


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GF Rating

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Gameplay Controls

Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade
Directional Pad
Move. Up = Jump (Dragon Buster). Enter Door (Rolling Thunder). Down = Crouch (Dragon Buster, Rolling Thunder).
Left Thumbstick
A Button
Shoot. Pump (Dig Dug II). Sword Strike (Dragon Buster, The Tower of Druaga). Open/Close Doors (Mappy). Jump (Metro-Cross, Motos, Rolling Thunder). Use Smoke Screen (Rally-X). Super Speed (Super Pac-Man).
B Button
Use Drill (Dig Dug II). Shoot Fireball (Dragon Buster). Bomb (Dragon Spirit, Sky Kid, Sky Kid Deluxe). Use Shield (Grobda). Loop (Sky Kid, Sky Kid Deluxe).
X Button
Use Item (Dig Dug Arrangement)
Left Bumper
Select Item (Dig Dug Arrangement). Shift Low (Pole Position, Pole Position II).
Right Bumper
Select Item (Dig Dug Arrangement). Shift High (Pole Position, Pole Position II).
Left Trigger
Brake (Pole Position, Pole Position II)
Right Trigger
Gas (Pole Position, Pole Position II)
Jump From Lower Level to Higher Level (Rolling Thunder)
Jump From Higher Level to Lower Level (Rolling Thunder)