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NPPL Championship Paintball 2009


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Also on:PS2, Wii, PS3
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Just average

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Dec 25, 2008

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I remember a few years ago, when a paintball game came out for the original xbox. And i thought that game was pretty cool. But asfar as this game it is practically the same general game. It has a few more things like online mode, but the online mode isnt really that good. The campaign mode is pretty boring and is pretty much the same every single time. There is like capture the flag and stuff like that but its pretty much the same. Also i really wanted a third person paintball game, but its first person and i think it would be much easier in third person. Also the maps are all really small and compact maps which isnt as fun as if there was more space to run around. One last thing is the graphics were ok, but prouble shouldve been better. So if you like paintball go ahead and rent it but if you dont you wont like this game and there really isnt much fun in this game. It couldve been much better.

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NPPL Paintball 2009

posted by xFingersx (ERIE, PA) Dec 4, 2008

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If you liked Max Hastings paintball a few years back than your going to get the same feeling out of NPPL. It's pretty much just a MHPB remake with slightly better graphics and new gear. An all around good time very easy learning curve for beginners!

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Really Bad

Very Very Bad Controls.

posted by SPirate (WILMINGTON, CA) Jul 10, 2009

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I thought this game was boring to say the least. The whole campaign is spent doing tournaments in arenas that look EXACTLY the same and most levels can be beaten in 1 min or so after you've leveled up your character all the way. I also understand that it may not be fair for me to say this is boring because I don't really know much about professional paintball, but even if I enjoyed the gameplay the controls would have done this game in. There are so many bad control choices I don't know where to begin. For instance, if you want to dive to cover you must sprint with left bumper and press A but other times when you want to slide to cover you might just be going alittle to fast towards a bunker (Without holding LB) you dive anyway leaving you out in the open flat on the ground for anyone to shoot. The only saving grace for this game is the achievements are easy to get.

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