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NPPL Championship Paintball 2009


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Keep an open mind

posted by Notaro (OCEAN CITY, NJ) Dec 8, 2008

Member since Mar 2006

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Looking through the reviews for this game, one thing seems very clear. Almost no one is keeping in mind the fact that this isn't Ubisoft's next big FPS release, this is the paintball equivalent of NBA2k9 or a new Madden. It's not a groundbreaking FPS, it's continuation of a sports series. Just like any other sports game, if you aren't in to the sport, you probably won't get much out of the game. None the less, it doesn't do a bad job at all in the FPS category if you're ready to apply the rules of paintball to your normal sprint and mash the trigger routine that so many people enjoy. Graphics aren't so hot and there're no groundbreaking improvements, but what could they really add? As for the people complaining about the AI, try playing online. It's a paintball game, how much could the singleplayer offer anyway?

-If you like paintball, go for it.
-If you have any interest in the sport, check it out, it might be some insight.
-If you just want to try a shooter that's a little different, it's not a bad rent.

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Dull and tiring

posted by schmoovey (LEHI, UT) Jun 6, 2012

Member since May 2012

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I thought I would give this game a try, since it seemed a bit different than the typical sports game, but unfortunately I lost interest in this game the moment I popped it in. The title screen has an annoying screamer band playing in the background while you watch low rate live action video playing behind the title screen menus. This might be great and pump you up the first 30 seconds, but to listen to a guy scream and scream endlessly gives me a headache.
At first, I tried a shot at the campaign, but there were no on-screen hints to show me what the controls did, so I then decided to do the training...or should I say endless load screens.
During the training sequences the trainer's voice sounded unenthusiastic and the training was repetitive and boring. Although the training did teach you the moves, few of them were practical and easy to figure out based on the on screen hints. Did I mention how endless the load screens were? Between each training stage was another load screen that seemed to take forever. So basically, you'll spend more time in the load screens than you will in the training.
The single player campaign takes way too much time between load screens as well. The single player (campgaign mode) was challenging, but it gives you very few options as where or what you want to play. You can only start with a 3 v 3 map in one tournament until you unlock the 5 v 5 maps and other tournaments, etc. You can choose different characters and different teams to play with, then alter their stats a little, but that's minimal at best. The graphics are poor for a 2009 game on the Xbox 360 throughout the game.
I gave this game a shot, played the game for about an hour or so, but go so bored with it that I put it back in the mail the next day. Paint ball is a lot more fun IRL and there are no load screens to deal with.
BTW if you're an achievement junky, don't bother. There's only 13 of them and most of them were for multiplayer.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Could have been more.

posted by Xanide (LIBERTY, TX) Jun 1, 2010

Member since May 2010

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

If you played greg hastings max a couple years ago then you might as well wait till the new greg hastings is out. This game is only worth a rent. Not all of this game is bad though. Let me break it down for you.

Good graphics
Realistic paintball physics
Plenty of single player tournaments
Double trigger shooting is a neat idea

Clunky Controls
Snapping is aweful
AI is stupid
Needs more gear
No one plays online anymore
Menu music sucks
The characters repeat the same stupid things over and over

Lets start with the pros. The graphics are pretty good. Their not the best but their better than alot of other games out there. I love the blur effect they put on the paintballs. Its really awesome when you break (start) and you just see tons of paintballs flying at you like arrows off of 300. The physics are really good to. When you shoot a bunker it actually caves in to the paintball like inflatable bunkers do. There is plenty of single player to keep you occupied for hours. This game has a feature of double triggers which you press RB and RT to shoot faster. Ok, Now for the cons. The controls are very clunky. If you are running near a bunker you can press "A" to slide into it or if your near none then you will dive. When you try to dive into a snake it will slide, in which you will not have time to prone so you get shot. So dont slide. It also takes about 3 seconds to go prone. That gives you 3 seconds to get shot. Not cool. The AI is very stupid. You tell them to go to a certan bunker and the eventually end up in the one your in. They dont even try to relocate themselves, they just stay there. No one plays online anymore which is the whole reason i got the game. After you beat all the tournaments there really is nothing to do. The characters are awlays shouting "YEAH" or "AWESOME"... it would be "AWESOME" if they would just shut up. This game could have been more. So for everyone who plays games or/and paintballs, I reccommend a rent.

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